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How to Make Melon jam

Looking for how to make melon jam? Check out our 12 ideas for how to make melon jam on Bonapeti
How to Make LimoncelloHow to Make LimoncelloThen pour the lemon juice and leave the liquid to boil for another 5 minutes, then leave it to cool....
How to Make Ciabatta BreadHow to Make Ciabatta Bread
Note: I doubled the Ciabatta ingredients to make exactly two wonderfully baked loaves....
How to Make Beef StroganoffHow to Make Beef Stroganoff
I don't add milk to the mashed potatoes, just more butter....
Easy-to-Make Strawberry JamEasy-to-Make Strawberry Jam
The other option is to pour a little of the jam into a shallow plate and make a furrow in it....
How to Grill TurbotHow to Grill Turbot
After turning once, make the sauce, which will be used to pour it with....
How to Make Rowan JamHow to Make Rowan Jam
Rowan (also mountain-ash) is used both as a fruit and as an herb. It contains more carotene than carrots. It also contains pectin and...
Homemade Cake Like Grandma Used to MakeHomemade Cake Like Grandma Used to Make
For this homemade cake from Grandma's cookbook, beat the eggs with the sugar, add the oil, yoghurt + soda ammoniac (or lemonade), vanilla and flour...
Melon JamMelon Jam
The ready, hot melon jam is poured into jars, close them immediately and place upside down to cool....
Delicious Melon JamDelicious Melon Jam
Leave the mixture to boil, until it's ready, or until the syrup thickens. How to test the syrup?...
Peach and Melon JamPeach and Melon Jam
You can store the peach and melon jam up to a year in a cool and dark area. Keep any opened jars in the fridge....
Melon Jam with VanillaMelon Jam with Vanilla
Cut the cleaned melon into small pieces....
Sour Cherry and Melon JamSour Cherry and Melon Jam
Mix the cherries with the thinly sliced pieces of melon, add the sugar and cinnamon and allow to sit for several hours (or overnight)....


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