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How to Know What Vitamins Our Body Needs and How to Get Them?

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How to Know What Vitamins Our Body Needs and How to Get Them?
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To stay healthy, we need vitamins and minerals, no matter what our diet is. Through the useful substances, the proper growth of the body and its resistance to infections are ensured.

The need for vitamins and minerals is constant, but they do not need to be obtained constantly in the form of nutritional supplements or drugs.

How to figure out what vitamins our body needs and how to get them

Beta carotene

Carrots with beta carotene

The antioxidant beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body. It is necessary for clear vision and for radiant and healthy skin. It is also important for the immune system.

Research conducted 15 years ago proved that beta-carotene is not completely harmless, because increased doses increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers.

Useful doses are achieved through foods containing the antioxidant and these are: carrots, sweet potatoes, green peppers, also in other vegetables and fruit. This way, the danger of harmful influences in smokers is also avoided.


Providing the necessary doses through drugs should not be allowed, especially in women after menopause, as well as in indications for the formation of kidney stones. It is very important for the bones to have enough calcium in the body, but its intake must be measured. Up to 500 milligrams per day is the recommended dose. Dairy products and sesame seeds provide the necessary amounts for a day.

Folic acid

Whole grain bread

The latest research on folic acid gives indications that it may create conditions for the appearance of tumors, cardiovascular or mental diseases. Therefore, the recommended dose of 400 milligrams should not be exceeded.

Foods rich in folic acid are green leafy vegetables, green beans, citrus fruit and whole grains.

The mineral selenium

Our body does not need large amounts of selenium. It can be obtained from the foods consumed daily. It is found in meat, bread, eggs and seafood.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C should be taken daily
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If we take vitamin C through food, it plays a preventive role against colds and viral diseases. It is most abundant in citrus fruit, berries, broccoli and green peppers. It is not a cure for an existing cold.

Vitamin D

With its help, calcium is absorbed and this ensures healthy bones. Our body gets vitamin D from exposure to the sun and spending enough time outdoors. Taking it as a supplement is recommended especially for the elderly and those suffering from rheumatic diseases.

Vitamin E

Folic Acid Foods We Need

Vitamin E is the best from the antioxidants. It takes care of the reproductive functions of the body. Skin, bones and nails also depend on vitamin E.

Foods that provide it in adequate amounts of vitamin E are nuts, especially peanuts, eggs, fruit and green leafy vegetables. During heat treatment, this vitamin is lost, so it is recommended to get it from raw fruit and vegetables.

In order to get all these vitamins daily, prepare recipes for yourself and your loved ones such as:

- oven-baked broccoli;

- spinach casseroles;

- backed liver;

- dishes with peppers.