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Chocolate and Coffee

Looking for chocolate and coffee? Check out our 12 ideas for chocolate and coffee on Bonapeti
Chocolate and Coffee CakeChocolate and Coffee CakeMix the butter, chocolate (broken into blocks) and coffee and put them in a water bath until completely thawed. Pour this glaze over the cake....
Coffee and Chocolate SemifreddoCoffee and Chocolate Semifreddo
Coffee and Chocolate Semifreddo to let it rest a bit and be able to cut it into pieces....
Chocolate Muffins with Cinnamon and CoffeeChocolate Muffins with Cinnamon and Coffee
Stir well and add the pre-melted together chocolate, butter, vanilla, coffee and cinnamon....
Chocolate Coffee and Banana SmoothieChocolate Coffee and Banana Smoothie
Puree the bananas and add them to all the other ingredients, stir, blend them briefly again and pour the mixture into a glass....
Muffins with Coffee and ChocolateMuffins with Coffee and Chocolate
Beat the eggs well with the sugar, then add the cream and coffee....
Coffee and Chocolate Sponge CakeCoffee and Chocolate Sponge Cake
Sprinkle the finished coffee and chocolate sponge cake with powdered sugar! Enjoy!...
Muffins with Chocolate, Coffee and NutsMuffins with Chocolate, Coffee and Nuts
The muffins with chocolate, coffee and nuts are ready....
Biscuit Cake with Coffee and Chocolate MousseBiscuit Cake with Coffee and Chocolate Mousse
Then arrange another layer of soaked biscuits, coffee cream mixture, biscuits and finish off with chocolate mousse, even it off perfectly....
Bacon-Flavored Chocolate and the Strangest Chocolates Ever MadeBacon-Flavored Chocolate and the Strangest Chocolates Ever Made
Chocolate with salt Besides sweet, it turns out that a chocolate can be salty as well....
Coffee-Flavored Chocolate CakeCoffee-Flavored Chocolate Cake
Meanwhile, make the ganache, by melting 9 oz (250 g) chocolate with the cream and 1 teaspoon instant coffee in a water bath....
Chocolate Pudding with CoffeeChocolate Pudding with Coffee
Add the coffee, vanilla sugar and gelatin, stir and remove from heat. Allow the cream to cool slightly and add the beaten to snow egg whites....
Chocolate Soufflé with CoffeeChocolate Soufflé with Coffee
Pour the mixture into them and put the chocolate soufflés with coffee to bake in a preheated {200 °C} oven for 10-12 minutes....


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