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Bacon-Flavored Chocolate and the Strangest Chocolates Ever Made

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Eating chocolate

There's hardly anyone who hasn't been tempted at lease once by the countless types of chocolate available. If you're among the fans of this sweet delight, perhaps you'd have no qualms about trying some of the more unusual types of chocolate that we've listed here.

Worldwide, chocolate is one of the most popular products. Despite the International Center for Tropical Agriculture's warnings that by 2050 chocolate goods might become a rarity, manufacturers are constantly coming up with new combinations of flavors and fillings. Here you'll find some of the strangest combinations ever, such as chocolate that tastes like curry, salt, absinthe and others.

Chocolate with coconut and curry

A product with an unexpected peppery taste by the American company Theo Chocolate. The coconut contained in it is roasted, providing an even more exotic taste. The company is famous for its innovative culinary whims, often coming up with combinations such as lime and coriander and figs, dill and almonds. Its products have a short shelf life but are all organic.

Chocolate with flower petals

The French company Bovetti has for several years been making chocolates with petals from lavender, jasmine, roses and violets. The petals are added dried or candied in their milk, white and bitter chocolate.

Chocolate with camel milk

Just a few years ago the company Al Nassma released an unbelievably delicious chocolate with camel milk in the UAE. Currently, it can only be purchased from the manufacturers and hotels and airports in the country. Company owners claim that their chocolate is much healthier in comparison to traditional chocolate due to the lower content of fat.

Chocolate spread

Chocolate with absinthe

A product of the Swiss company Villars which has been in existence for more than a century. Besides with absinthe, they offer several other alcoholic chocolates, including ones with quince, pear and plum brandy. The alcohol by volume in the chocolate is not significant and there's no danger of getting you drunk.

Chocolate with bacon

The Chicago-based company Vosges Haut-Chocolate has successfully managed to combine 2 of America's favorite products - bacon and chocolate, into a treat called "Mo's Bacon Bar". The milk and dark chocolate bars the company produces contain pieces of smoked bacon and grains of salt. Among the other creations offered by the company, some noteworthy ones are their chocolates flavored with mushrooms and peanut butter, chili peppers and wasabi.


Chocolate with lavender

The dark chocolate Dagoba lavender blueberry contains, besides lavender, also blueberries, raspberries, rosemary, cardamom, lemon zest and even clovers.

Chocolate with black truffles

Black truffles - the prized mushrooms that cost over $2000 a kilo, are among the most expensive and rarest foods, and products such as chocolate with truffles are even rarer. Black truffle flavored chocolates are made by a company run by Rick and Michael Mast in the USA. They invented the recipe and it includes 74% cocoa, expensive truffles and a pinch of sea salt which is added to enhance the truffle aroma.

Chocolate with hay aroma

This idea was realized by famous English chocolatier Sir Hans Sloane, specifically for the five-star hotel Windsor Hotel Coworth Park. The strange chocolate blocks were the result of an unexpected symbiosis between cocoa and specially dried and ground grass from the fields around the hotel. The chocolate has the aroma of hay and a light aftertaste of rose, saffron and jasmine.

Chocolate with salt

Besides sweet, it turns out that a chocolate can be salty as well. According to some manufacturers, the combination is beyond superb, since the salt highlights its sweet taste and enhances it. Besides salt, some also add black pepper and cane sugar.

Chocolate for weight loss

Every woman's dream - to eat chocolate without worrying about her shape, is now reality. Spanish confectioners have developed a chocolate that will not only prevent you from gaining weight but will actually help you in the struggle to lose it. The product called Lola, made by the company Cocoa Bio, contains amino acids which have the function of suppressing appetite.

The chocolate for weight loss is sold in the form of bonbons and differs only in color from regular chocolate. The bonbons are colored green, thanks to the added seaweed. Manufacturers recommend eating the chocolate before the main course.