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The World's Strangest Mushroom: Devil's Fingers

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Devil's Fingers

Mother nature is never short on surprises. Case in point is the mushroom Clathrus archeri, with its rather strange and even sinister appearance. It's more commonly known as Devil's Fingers or Octopus Stinkhorn. It is most common in New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia.

This plant looks more like some sort of creature rather than a mushroom. And while other mushrooms make their way up through the soil, the Devil's Fingers develop in an egg-like sac.

The actual process of the egg's opening might seem quite diabolical to the observer. Strange tentacles begin to form, numbering anywhere from 4-8 and up to 8″ (20 cm) in length.

Devil's Fingers Mushroom

It has a rough surface with a bright pink color and specific smell that attracts insects. The mushroom relies on insects to spread its spores in order to reproduce.

According to scientists, these mushrooms are only edible while still in their egg form but have an unpleasant taste and smell of rot.