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Sea salt is a natural product which ranks in the forefront of one of the greatest gifts that the sea can offer. In its composition there is more than one hundred minerals, consisting of more than 80 elements of the periodic table. And note - none of them is added artificially.

The tradition of mining salt is ancient history. The inhabitants of the ancient city Anhialo mined salt from the lake as early as the third century BC. Nowadays sea salt is mined as was mined for centuries. Water from salt water is collected in so called. "Salt gardens", to evaporate from the sun, then the salt remains to dry completely.

Composition of sea salt

It is believed that the composition of natural sea salt is most similar to that of blood plasma. It contains all the necessary chemical elements silicon, bromine, sulfur, iodine, and many others. Unrefined sea salt contains about 95-98% sodium chloride. The salt is a crystal complex structure and therefore no laboratory can replicate all its constituent elements together. This is a very good example of unique natural creations.

Selection and storage of salt

Sea salt is sold in packets of one kilogram, and its price is symbolic. Of course there are more expensive variations of salt, such as Atlantic iodized salt, too. Store it in a dry, cool cupboard. Shelf life of salt is quite long.

coarse sea salt

Sea salt in cooking

Because of its undeniable qualities, sea salt has a place in the kitchen. It is used for making pickles and more often, people use it for cooking meals, because it is much more useful than table salt. Buy sea salt with smaller crystals to be able to use it in more recipes. On the other hand, coarse salt can be ground with a special grinder and used for salads. Unfortunately, one can not completely replace table salt with sea, so the best option is to limit the seasoning with salt and whenever you can flavor your salad with sea salt.

Introducing a delicious recipe for fish wrapped in salt. To do this you, need one fish of choice, 1 packet of sea salt, a few bay leaves, 10 grains of black pepper and a little olive oil.

Way of Preparation: Preheat oven very high. Put the fish in a bowl of ice cubes to cool very well.

Take it a little before you cook, drain and dry it well. Pour half of the sea salt in a baking dish. Place two bay leaves and half the salt and pepper. Place the fish on top and add two bay leaves and the remaining pepper on top. Pour on the remaining salt and cover tightly fish. Put the pan in a heated oven and bake for about 25 minutes. Then remove from the oven and carefully remove the salt with a knife. Cut the fish into portions and gently sprinkle with olive oil before serving.

Benefits of sea salt

Sea salt is very useful for our health - especially for metabolism, cardiac and renal activity. Biologically active substances in sea salt help purify the cells, improve the transmission of impulses and take stress away. Sea salt is very useful for the skin and is therefore actively used for baths.

fine sea salt

Sea salt is especially useful in colds. Rinsing the nose with sea salt helps with sinusitis and rhinitis. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of water. Flush the nasal passages with it, by tilting the head and consistently pouring water into them, consistently closing one and the other nostril.

In pain, difficulty swallowing and sore throat, gargle with sea salt. This requires two cups of warm boiled water and 2 tablespoons fine sea salt. Gargle with great gulps and then spit out the solution.

As we said, sea salt is an effective tool against stress because it soothes the muscles and tense nerves. For this purpose, prepare a bath with dissolved 500 g of salt. The salt should stand for 15 minutes, the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees. You can drip some soothing essential oils - from chamomile, jasmine or lavender. Bath with sea salt has a favorable effect on skin diseases such as vitiligo, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and eczema and not least, soothes the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

To heal your feet from swelling, you need a bath of sea salt, color of lime and mint. Mix 2 tablespoons lime blossom and mint, pour a pint of boiling water and leave the mixture in a water bath for 10-something minutes. The ready brew is filtered in a basin of water, add a handful of sea salt and stir thoroughly. Soak your feet and stand there for at least 15 minutes.

Sea salt is an effective weapon against the hated cellulite. Mix fine sea salt with shower gel and massage gently with wet rub into skin. Rinse with cool water, wrap with a warm robe and head to bed.


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