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Can We Substitute Table Salt with Sea Salt?

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Sea Salt

Salt is an irreplaceable seasoning, part of every household. The well-known table salt is the most widely used. Unfortunately, the high amounts of nitrates in it lead to a series of health problems. Using sea salt is an excellent alternative.

Sea salt contains loads more micronutrients when compared to sodium nitrate. It goes through minimal processing and is the perfect substitute for common salt. As opposed to it, sea salt significantly decreases the sodium intake, while at the same time not depriving the body of beneficial micronutrients. The minerals iron, calcium, zinc, bromide, potassium and magnesium are found in it.

Unlike table salt, sea salt is distinguished by its high iodine content. In the manufacturing of table salt, this element is artificially added. It has been proven that no one actually has need of iodized salt, but rather a healthy diet and ingredients that provide a balanced set of micronutrients to the body.

Table Salt

Table salt can also be replaced with sea salt in regard to the sodium concentration. It is about the same in both types. Still, sea salt is better because its crystals are much larger.

Once consumed, they compensate for the large quantities of table salt, for it is much finer. In this way, the sodium levels absorbed are significantly less. They are also more easily absorbed by the body. The lower levels of sodium also lower blood pressure.

The minerals in sea salt help maintain electrolyte balance in the body. It is this balance that is responsible for health and the normal body functions.

It must be noted that our bodies have need of a minimum amount of salt for normal functioning. Studies show that nowadays the majority of people consume excessive amounts of salt. Besides the direct intake, this is also due to the many processed foods.

In most cases, what matters is the amount, not the type of salt. No matter which kind you prefer, it needs to be taken in moderation, especially since the sodium concentration is identical for both.



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