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The Healing Power of Walnuts

Nadia Galinova
Translated by
Nadia Galinova
Walnuts are very healthy

One of the oldest fruit grown by man is probably the walnut. The history of walnuts dates back 7, 000 years. Some people claim that they are very fatty and high in calories. But it is a fact that walnuts are also a very healthy and rich nutrient for heart health and the metabolism. The benefits of walnuts should not be overlooked in this regard.

Walnuts are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, lecithin, butter. One handful of walnuts weighs an average of 28 grams, which contains 15.3 grams of fat and 183 calories. In addition, one handful of walnuts contains 8 per 100 of the required daily amount of vitamin B6 in the body. Walnuts also contain a lot of thiamine and folic acid, as well as vitamin E. With the help of a handful of walnuts you can get your daily magnesium needs.

Walnuts are known to be effective against prostate cancer and have a very beneficial effect on stopping the development of breast cancer. Walnuts reduce the risk of these cancers by 30-40%. Experiments with 75, 000 women who consumed a handful of walnuts 2-3 times a week for a week showed a significant reduction in the development of pancreatic cancer.

The L-arginine contained in walnuts is good for the health of the cardiovascular system. A person who consumes at least 100 grams of walnuts a day is protected against various diseases, including the formation of tumors. If you want a healthier cardiovascular system, you should eat walnuts regularly.

Walnuts contain many unique and powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are very healthy, because they make it easier to fight free radicals and this way reduce the effects of aging and age-related heart problems. Thanks to them toxins are expelled from the body. Antioxidants fight free radicals and keep the heart healthy.


Adding walnuts to your daily menu will help you control your weight. So with their help you will be able to have your dream figure. Numerous studies show that eating walnuts is very effective in preventing obesity and being overweight. A handful of walnuts contains 2.5 grams of unsaturated omega fatty acids, 3.4 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. This gives a feeling of satiety.

The omega-3 oils, vitamin E, folic acid and antioxidants in walnuts also have a beneficial effect on the brain. They help the behavioral abilities of the brain.

In type 2 diabetes, eating walnuts improves metabolic parameters.

The sleep hormone melatonin can also be obtained by eating walnuts. Although the body only produces melatonin, a few walnuts a day further facilitates restful sleep. The biotin contained or vitamin B7 in walnuts is very effective in strengthening hair roots. Stimulates hair growth and significantly reduces hair loss.

Consumption of walnuts during pregnancy protects the baby from allergies and increases the resistance of cells against bacteria, therefore preventing possible problems. Thanks to unsaturated fatty acids, coconut fiber and antioxidants in walnuts, blood pressure is regulated and stress is prevented.

Side effects of eating walnuts

Does excessive consumption of walnuts have negative effects? The answer is yes! Eating more walnuts than recommended can lead to obesity. Allergic reactions may also occur after eating walnuts. It depends entirely on the structure of the body. Of course, eating walnuts does not have extreme fatal consequences, but according to the structure of each organism, it can have side effects.

Nutrients contained in 100 grams of walnuts:

- Calories (kcal): 654;

- Total fat: 65 grams;

- Cholesterol: 0 mg;

- Sodium: 2 mg;

- Potassium: 441 mg;

- Carbohydrates: 14 grams;

- Dietary fiber: 7 grams;

- Sugar: 2. 6 grams;

- Protein: 15 grams;

- Vitamin A: 20 IU;

- Vitamin C: 1.3 mg;

- Calcium: 98 mg;

- Iron: 2. 9 mg;

- Vitamin D: 0 II;

- Pyridoxine: 0.5 mg;

- Vitamin B12: 0 mg;

- Magnesium: 158 mg.

With walnuts you can prepare unique sweet temptations such as:

- walnut sponge cake;

- walnut cake;

- walnut sweets;

- baklava with walnuts.