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Lime Juice - Why is it So Healthy

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Lime Juice - Why is it So Healthy

Lime is another name for green lemon. Lime juice is used in various drinks and popular cocktails.

In cooking, lime also finds a place, because of the acid of the juice. Mexican cuisine makes a lot of use of it for its purposes and its leaves are of interest in Asian cuisine. The dried green lemons find a place in Arabic cuisine.

Composition of lime juice

The chemical composition of lime really deserves attention. It contains:

- 220 milligrams of calcium;

- 12 milligrams of phosphorus;

- 6-8 milligrams of potassium;

- 19.5 milligrams of vitamin C.

Beneficial properties of lime and its juice


This composition determines the health benefits of lime. Here are some of them.

1. Promotes water consumption - insufficient water consumption leads to various health problems and lime added to it exacerbates the desire to drink water;

2. Improves Diet - people who drink water with meals improve their diet. They reduce the amount of sugar and fat consumed daily;

3. Aids digestion - green lemons contain compounds that stimulate the digestive juices in the stomach. Lime acid helps saliva break down food better;

4. Cancer prevention - the content of vitamin C and antioxidants helps prevent the dreaded disease;

5. Promotes weight loss - a glass of water with lime is nutritionists' advice to prevent overeating. The citric acid in it stimulates the metabolism and a person burns more calories;

6. Strengthens immunity - vitamin C and antioxidants in lime are a great combination for a more stable immunity;

7. Reduces the risk of heart disease - the high levels of potassium and magnesium in this citrus support heart health. Potassium improves blood flow to the heart and lowers blood pressure;

8. Lowers blood sugar - vitamin C prevents sharp jumps in blood sugar in the morning;

9. It has an anti-inflammatory effect - vitamin C is also known for its good anti-inflammatory properties, which can be relied on when consuming lime;

Lime Juice

10. Prevents the formation of kidney stones - citric acid and vitamin C in limes break down certain types of stones and prevent them from accumulating in the kidneys. With their regular consumption, one can conduct a successful prevention against this common health problem.

And you can use the refreshing lime juice to prepare:

- Lemonade;

- Gin and Tonic;

- Margarita;

- Mojito.