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Lose weight with nettle

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Common nettle will help you quickly lose weight and keep your weight off. Nettle leaves contain vitamins C, E and K, as well as many other useful mineral substances.

The most useful are the tips of the nettles, the tiny petals are full of nutrients that help fast weight loss in the body.

Nettle is known for helping reduce your appetite. Nettle can be eaten in the form of soups , purees and meals, but it can make a special slimming tea too.

One tablespoon nettle is put in a cup of boiling water and left to stand for half an hour. Strain and drink half a cup twice a day before meals. This tea is drunk without sugar and honey , if you want to have the necessary effect on your body.

People who have accelerate blood clotting should not eat nettle, nor drink tea made from its leaves. You can use both fresh and dried nettle leaves for tea.

Nettle Soup

To avoid the nettle stinging you, leave it in the fridge for a while and then wash it and cut it. Nettle has a mild diuretic effect. It speeds up the metabolism and thus contributes to more rapid and effective weight loss.

Nettle improves digestion and even if you eat less, your body absorb it fully and not feel hungry.

Nettle has a unique characteristic that it saturates the body at the cellular level and thus prevents you from emotional overeating. So if you are angry, do not reach for the box of cakes, but and drink nettle tea, or eat nettle soup and rice.

You can also make a delicious healthy appetizer of boiled nettle leaves that are mixed with a boiled egg and some grated cheese .