Making fig Brandy

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Homemade Fig BrandyHomemade Fig BrandyThen, distill the brandy. The alcoholic content of homemade fig brandy should be about 38% ABV....
The 3 types are wine brandy, pomace brandy and fruit brandy. 1. Wine brandy - results from the distillation of fermented grape juice....
Fig JamFig Jam
The figs are washed and added to the sugar syrup, which we have pre-cooked for about 20 minutes. If the figs are bigger than normal, they need...
Fruit BrandyFruit Brandy
After distillation, the fruit brandy needs to be 76 proof....
Fig JamFig Jam
Pour the fig jam into warm, dry jars. Close them after the jam cools....
Anise BrandyAnise Brandy
Anise brandy is typically about 110 proof....
Fig WineFig Wine
Cut the figs into very fine pieces and put them in a large 2 gal (8 L) container, preferably a demijohn. Boil the sugar and water until the crystals...
Quince BrandyQuince Brandy
Remove the seeds, or at least be careful not to crush them, while making the fruit into puree....
Apple BrandyApple Brandy
The alcohol content of the apple brandy needs to be 76 proof....
Pear BrandyPear Brandy
After it is distilled, the alcoholic strength of the pear brandy should be 38 degrees (76 proof). Transfer to a keg and store....
Plum BrandyPlum Brandy
The plum brandy must be at least 76 proof (38 % ABV)....
Rose BrandyRose Brandy
In a large barrel, pour in the water, sugar, 3 bottles of wine vinegar, baker's yeast and leaves of fragrant roses - a total of about 1-2 buckets....


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