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Fish and Seafood

Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood and information on them and their composition and properties. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of fish and seafood .
Black CaviarFish and SeafoodBlack Caviar
09 Mar.
Rosi Stoyanova
Rainbow TroutFish and SeafoodRainbow Trout
01 May
Iliana Angelova
CrayfishFish and SeafoodCrayfish
19 Mar.
Rosi Trifonova
Fagri FishFagri Fish
17 Jan.
Fagri fish is prepared with herbs, grilled and served garnished with lemon and olive oil dressing. Fagri is a tasty fish without the overpowering smell of fish and without many bones.
26 Nov.
The meat of the monkfish is white, pleasant, rich in vitamins A and D, contains many minerals, proteins and amino acids and very little fat, which makes it dietary. Flavor qualities and cooking monkfish.
Sole (Fish)Sole (Fish)
21 Nov.
Sole is represented by 5 main fish and belongs to the flat fish family. Sole - description, benefits and culinary use.
21 Oct.
Garfish is one of the most desirable fish, but catching it is a rare opportunity. Garfish appearance. How is garfish prepared in the kitchen? How healthy is garfish?
Wild SalmonWild Salmon
19 Oct.
Salmon is a farmed fish due to the high demand, but wild salmon is still available. Wild salmon - characteristics, health benefits and methods of preparation.
17 Sept.
Bonito is among the favorite fish of seafood lovers. Bonito can be eaten marinated, grilled, dried or fried. Some rules must be followed when preparing bonito.
24 Oct.
Oysters are rich in vitamins, minerals and are quite good for the brain and heart because of the omega-3 fatty acids. The edible oysters are of 5 species.
Flathead Grey MulletFlathead Grey Mullet
11 Mar.
The flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus), also known as the flathead mullet, is a fish from the Mugilidae family. The meat of flathead grey mullets is white and relatively dry.
10 Mar.
Carassius is a genus of freshwater fish. Carassius belong to the carp family. They are found in water bodies of stagnant water. A couple examples of Carassius include the goldfish and Prussian carp.
15 Feb.
Hake is an elongated and thin fish, spindly shaped, with spiny dorsal fins, eyes that pop out and a highly protruding lower jaw. Hake is a highly preferred fish due to its delicious white meat that's low in fat.