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The Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

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Food is important for teeth health

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the normal growth of teeth in childhood and to maintain them in good condition. Beauty and good dental hygiene greatly affect a person's appearance. For healthy teeth, we need proper nutrition. Here are the most important foods for healthy teeth.

The most important sources of calcium (which is needed to strengthen teeth and bones) are milk and dairy products, as well as almonds, bananas, salmon, sardines, tuna, broccoli, white beans and olive oil.

Products with calcium should be included in the daily menu of every person, because they are healthy foods for teeth and the human body as a whole.

Cheese is very good for the teeth because of its high casein content. Cottage cheese contains a large amount of calcium and phosphorus.

Leafy vegetables (lettuce, celery stalks, parsley and spring onions) are very good for the teeth, because they contain large amounts of useful vitamins and minerals and supply the tissues of the teeth and gums with essential nutrients.

Sources of fluoride are foods such as: boiled potatoes, buckwheat, saltwater fish, green salad, whole grain bread and freshly brewed tea.

Dill has antibacterial properties, disinfects the oral cavity and freshens the breath.

Fruit and vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins and trace elements that strengthen the gums.

According to experts, some of the healthiest foods for teeth are: leafy greens, dairy products, fresh hard fruit and vegetables, seafood, eggs, liver, honey.

Foods with vitamin B12 are good for teeth

Walnuts, in addition to vitamins and minerals, contain many important amino acids.

Teeth also need iron and vitamin B12, which is found in meat.

There are enough products that are suitable for healthy teeth. So it's enough just to choose your menu carefully and stick to a varied diet.

It is clear that the products we consume leave their impact on our body and the health of our teeth. If we eat more often chocolate cakes, donuts with fillings, syrupy pastries, baklavas, tolumba, chocolate pastries, no wonder we have cavities and hang out in front of the dentist's office.

On the other hand, there are products that will have a good effect on the appearance and favor your beautiful smile. Above we have listed some of the best foods for healthy teeth. In the following article, we will examine some of them in more detail and remind you in which dishes you can add them. Eat them more often for good results. Here are the best foods for healthy teeth:


This dairy product offers a number of benefits for your entire body. It helps you to enjoy a regular stomach, to be lively and full of energy. In addition, regular consumption of yogurt freshens the breath immediately. But in addition to all this, yogurt is good food for the teeth, as it loads them with minerals and causes saliva secretion. This way, the teeth are healthy, white and protected. To consume more yogurt, we advise you to add it to yogurt salads, fruit salads, snow white salad, salads with roasted peppers, spreads.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It turns out that an apple a day can keep you out of the dentist's office, too. This good food for healthy and white teeth protects the entire oral cavity. Eat apples raw for the most powerful effect. Or add them to raw desserts, apple strudel, dairy creams.


Citrus fruit are really good food for teeth and gums. But here we need to make a clarification. It's about the citrus you eat. Taken in the form of smoothies and fresh drinks, according to dentists, citrus fruit can destroy tooth enamel, since their acid acts directly on the teeth without having time to come into good contact with human saliva. So don't overdo it with the trendy fruit juices. Eat citrus fruits in moderation and chew them well.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have become more popular in recent years. Over time, specialties such as stuffed sweet potatoes or baked sweet potatoes began to gain popularity as well. Sweet potatoes are even more healthy than regular potatoes. In addition, they are good food for the teeth, as they make them healthier thanks to all the beneficial substances in their composition.


Broccoli for healthy teeth

Broccoli is a healthy food. But they should be an indispensable part of anyone who strives to have beautiful and healthy teeth. For example, did you know that for teeth whitening at home it is recommended to chew 1-2 raw broccoli florets every day. This peculiar exercise stimulates the production of saliva, which, in turn, cleans and polishes the teeth.


Celery is among the crunchy foods that contribute to healthy teeth. Add it to vegetable salads, vitamin salads, pear salads, chicken salads.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are among the most healthy seeds. We all know that they produces the healthy tahini used in making falafels, vegan patties, lentil patties, vegetable sauces. Sesame seeds are also great to sprinkle on homemade pretzel sticks, fluffy bread, crackers and other snacks.


Meat and products of animal origin: beef, chicken, turkey, eggs contain phosphorus. Calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus build our bone system and keep our teeth healthy. To benefit from the effect of these foods, eat stuffed turkey, roast chicken, boiled beef and poached eggs frequently.

White cheese

Homemade white cheese is good for the teeth

White cheese is one of the best foods for healthy teeth as it is a generous source of calcium. There's one thing though. Only real white cheese is good food for the teeth. Imitations and all kinds of delicacies are not good for your teeth or your body in general. Avoid such products. They may be budget friendly, but they are harmful. If you have a chance, eat homemade cheese and homemade yellow cheese. That's the only way you'll be sure you're getting the best.


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