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The Best Foods for Strengthening the Immune System

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As you may know, the purest immunostimulants are found in nature!

We can obtain them easily and use them in our day-to-day life, without having to run to the nearest pharmacy. Let us offer you several quick and easy methods for getting the necessary vitamins to strengthen your immunity and beat the viruses:

Orange Juice

Drinking your favorite orange juice at breakfast provides the body with the required dose of vitamin C for the day. Besides boosting the immune system, it is also incredibly healthy for the skin. Studies have shown that even though taking vitamin C may not prevent a cold, it will help for a faster recovery. That is why we must take vitamin C with our food. Foods such as kiwi and red peppers contain large doses of it.

Black Tea

Taking pills every day can lead to serious consequences to the human body - stomach problems, kidney stones, even internal bleeding in some children.

A Cup of Black Tea

How does it help? The answer is simple - black tea aids the production of protein in the body, which actively fights flu infections and viruses. If you are not fond of the taste of black tea, you can drink a cup of flavorful green tea instead.


A study was held in one of the Scandinavian countries where a group of workers were given yoghurt on a daily basis for 80 days. Then they found that those workers who ate yoghurt daily took 33% less sick days when compared to another group of workers who took a placebo.



It's been proven that about 36% of the people who are vitamin D deficient are more susceptible to viruses and infections of the upper respiratory tract. To provide the needed amount of vitamin D to the body, we need to consume a lot of milk, dairy products and fish. There are also many additives that provide vitamin D.

Fish and Mussels

Along with dairy products, fish is a rich source of vitamin D but its benefits do not end there. Fish are also exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. According to some studies, omega-3 fatty acids protect against viruses and flu infections by stimulating the flow of oxygen in the lungs.

As well, omega-3 fatty acids stimulate the immune system, the removal of toxins and effective absorption of nutrients. Selenium, in turn, helps blood cells form proteins which the body uses to combat viruses. Some of the fish that are fattiest and richest in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium are: mackerel, salmon, herring, as well as mussels, crabs and oysters.

Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkin

Vitamin A is the next major hero in the battle against flu and viruses. Sweet potatoes and pumpkins are exceptionally rich in this vitamin. We must also provide our body with zinc, for example when we cook a dish stewed with vegetables. Zinc is crucial for getting vitamin A to the tissues.


Chicken Soup

A little known fact is that mushrooms contain over 300 healthy substances that increase the number of white blood cells and toughen the immune system.

Chicken Soup

Warm chicken soup has been a delicious remedy for centuries. It alleviates bad cough, decreases the secretions and discomfort during stuffy nose. This is due to the cysteine that is released during the boiling of the chicken meat. Cysteine is an amino acid with a similar chemical structure to medications against bronchitis. To augment the effects of chicken soup, we can add a little onion and garlic.


Antibacterial allicin is the substance that fights viruses and flu infections. Garlic boosts the immune system but many people avoid it due to the pungent smell. There is garlic in pill form but don't forget that raw, natural garlic is much healthier.

Wheat Germ

Eating half a cup of wheat germ daily is enough to provide the body with its daily dose of zinc. It stimulates the production of white blood cells and fortifies the immune system. There are many ways of eating wheat germ: add them to salads, yoghurt, oatmeal porridge, purees, etc.