Yacon Syrup

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Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup is not that well-known and popular in some countries. Yacon syrup is an extremely useful probiotic sweetener with excellent taste qualities. It successfully replaces sugar and honey and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal tract.

It is also recommended for diabetics and practically has no contraindications. Therefore, its presentation to consumers should be wider, familiarization with it will give another alternative to people who like healthy eating or suffer from diseases that require limiting sugar in food.

Essence and raw material for obtaining yacon syrup

Essentially, yacon syrup is a sweetener similar to maple syrup in its method of production and application. This bioproduct is obtained from a sweet root plant called yacon. It has been cultivated for thousands of years in South America, specifically in Peru. In botany, this plant is known by the name Smallanthus sonchifolius. The plant stands out with its dark green leaves and its height of 2-2.5 meters.

More interesting, however, is the root system, formed by rhizomes on which buds are located, giving life to new plants and root tubers. The tubers form bundles with large rhizomes. Favorable conditions give a harvest of 20-25 vegetables.

This vegetable looks like a cross between a potato and a pear, although it is called an earth apple. Its taste is pleasant, slightly sweet and can be compared to the taste of melon and apple. It contains mainly water and Native Americans used it as a water source while traveling.

Its sweet taste is due to the substance inulin, which is an indigestible sugar by the human body, nourishing beneficial intestinal bacteria and improving digestion. It is therefore a valuable addition to weight loss diets. It does not raise blood sugar levels and diabetics can benefit from its beneficial properties.

It is used to make yacon syrup, which has incredible health benefits thanks to its chemical composition and its effect on the body.

Chemical composition and nutritional value of yacon syrup

The chemical composition of yacon is distinguished by a wealth of vitamins and minerals. It contains a significant amount of vitamin C, which is necessary for immunity, vitamins of group B, PP, which, along with phenolic antioxidants and caffeic and chlorogenic acids, prolong the youth of cells and the whole body.

The selenium in the composition affects the flexible structure of the joints and improves reproductive functions. Phosphorus and potassium strengthen the strength of bone tissue.


The richness of fruco-oligosaccharides puts it alongside the Jerusalem artichoke. The yacon holds the place for the largest source of saccharides in the entire plant world.

At the same time, yacon syrup is a very low-calorie product, it contains only 14 kilocalories per 100 g.

Yacon syrup is produced using a special technology similar to that of maple syrup extraction. The juice is extracted from the yacon root, which contains mainly water. It is then filtered and to thicken it, it is evaporated through a chemical-free process that requires process time.

The final product is a syrup that is characterized by its sweet taste, dark color and thick consistency. The taste is comparable to that of raisins and caramelized sugar. It gives juiciness to the dishes to which it is added.

Health benefits and harms of yacon syrup

As an exceptional source of iron, yacon syrup supports the health of the immune system. This is a very nutritious syrup that contains the calories of half a jar of honey. The indigestible sugar - inulin - nourishes the beneficial bacteria in the intestines and facilitates digestion. It has the ability to bind to heavy metals and toxins in cells and remove them from the body. It has mild laxative properties and can be part of anyone's weight loss diet, including vegans, because it contains no animal products.

To its beneficial actions is added the good absorption of calcium and thanks to it cholesterol levels are reduced, it supports the body in the fight against cancer, it takes care of the health of bones and teeth.

It also has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial effects and is a natural cleansing agent.

The antioxidants in this syrup are a prerequisite for a healthy diet. They neutralize free radicals and protect the body from their harmful effects.

Its heart health benefits are due to the zinc content of the syrup. It is a prevention against atherosclerosis, strokes and other serious heart diseases.

Harms practically do not exist except for a possible intolerance to yacon, but this happens extremely rarely. People with increased levels of flatulence and the production of a lot of gas should use it carefully, because it increases these symptoms.

The daily dose is 2 teaspoons and you should stick to the dose, because its excess can cause some unpleasant symptoms such as stool problem, runny nose, temporary loss of appetite and increased gas production.

Application of Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup is involved in dietary nutrition when conducting keto diets and any weight loss diets. The active ingredients in the product help burn fat and improve metabolism. Its application is especially effective if the diet is combined with physical exercises to sculpt the figure and reduce the waist circumference.

Its use in cleansing diets is also very effective because of its fiber, richness in digestive enzymes and metabolism-activating elements.

The syrup is not processed by the body like normal sugar and this makes it suitable for keto diets. A low-calorie carbohydrate has the taste of sugar, but is not metabolized like it and this is the essential difference that makes it applicable for dietary nutrition.

Local people in Peru consume yacon syrup, by adding it to meat salad, fruit and mostly as a sweetener to all kinds of dishes. It is often used as a sweetener for coffee and tea. However, it is not recommended for use in baked goods, because it loses many of its properties during processing.

Yacon syrup is known as a diabetic food and is believed to have the potential to become the next superfood that will be very popular and in demand on the market.

Where to buy yacon syrup and how to store it?

Yacon syrup can be found in specialty stores owned by merchants who import it. It is marketed as a holistic and natural food.

It can also be purchased online, but after mandatory verification that it comes from a certified production, which guarantees its quality.

In the pharmacy world, this syrup is available as a dietary food. It comes in bottles and should be stored in them after opening.

Bottles of yacon syrup are refrigerated, until supplies last and expiration dates must be followed.

Agave syrup, molasses, stevia, or maple syrup can be used as a substitute for yacon syrup.

Although it does not cause side effects like sugar, it is recommended to use yacon syrup in moderation.


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