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Carob Syrup - Benefits and Uses

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Carob is mentioned in the Bible, which shows that this natural product has a thousand-year history. Since it has been used since such ancient times, it speaks of various benefits of carob for man.

One of its uses is to make a syrup that completely replaces sugar. It adds sweetness to the dishes, keeping them healthy, tasty and rich. Consumption of carob syrup within reasonable limits also has a healing effect and strengthens the immune system of the body.

How is carob syrup made?

Syrup is prepared on an industrial scale from the fruits of the Legume plant. To do this, the pods are crushed, the ends are removed to remove the bitter substances and the mass is evaporated. The resulting product is a viscous liquid with a deep brown color.

The syrup has extremely useful properties due to its composition. It contains thiamine - the vitamin involved in the breakdown of proteins and their synthesis. Regulates body growth.

Pantothenic acid breaks down fats and facilitates their absorption.

Pyridoxine aids in the absorption of protein foods.

Riboflavin has a beneficial effect on hair, nails, epithelial cells, supports the immune system.

Choline normalizes the processes of the nervous system and improves memory.

Carob Syrup - Benefits and Uses

In addition, carob syrup contains tannins, amino acids, starch, sugars, trace elements and pectin.

It is beneficial for the cardiovascular system as it strengthens the heart muscle. It is also useful for the digestive system, which it cleanses. Thanks to the calcium it contains, it supports the bones. Strengthening the body's defenses, carob syrup prevents cancer formations. It improves metabolism, cures cough and has an immunomodulating effect.

Carob syrup is used in medicine, cosmetics and cooking. Its culinary use is very pleasant. It is added to drinks as a thickener and in sweet sauces and glazes. Gives a pleasant chocolate hue to liquids. Morning pancakes are very tasty with molasses syrup or honey, and carob syrup can completely replace them.

However, one should be careful with its consumption. It is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers due to the high sugar content, as well as for diabetics. Anyone suffering from food allergies should also be careful.