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Artichoke Leaves - Benefits and Uses

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Artichoke Leaves - Benefits and Uses

Artichokes are known more in for their culinary use and in chefs' recipes. However, the leaves of this vegetable have other useful properties that have found their application in folk medicine. They play the role of a curative and preventive agent in a number of diseases.

This use of them is due to the active ingredient in them called cynarin. This powerful substance is not found in any other fruit or vegetable, which makes the artichoke valuable in medicinal practice, based on folk remedies.

Cynarin has a strong antisclerotic effect, which is why it is effective in hepatitis, liver and biliary diseases, atherosclerosis. It is also used for allergies and eczema. Artichoke's cynarin makes it a cure for gout, arthritis, high cholesterol and obesity. These diverse benefits are due to its strong antioxidant action.

What are artichoke leaves good for

- Artichoke leaves are useful for cleansing the liver of toxins, for eliminating steatosis accumulations, for removing inflammation of the liver. When heavy metals accumulate in the body, they also have a cleansing effect, used in the form of an infusion;

- For obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, taking artichoke leaf extract daily for two months is recommended to reduce liver inflammation and cause less fat deposition.

Scientists believe that certain antioxidants found in artichokes – cynarin and silymarin – are partly responsible for this benefit;

Artichoke Leaves
Image: Yordanka Kovacheva

- Artichoke leaf extract can help people with high blood pressure. A study with such patients found that consumption of artichoke leaf extract daily for 12 weeks reduced diastolic and systolic blood pressure;

- Artichoke is a great source of fiber, keeping the digestive tract in good condition by producing special bacteria;

- The contained inulin makes artichoke leaf extract a real valuable prebiotic. In addition, it removes unpleasant conditions, such as swelling, nausea and heartburn, thanks to cynarin. It also stimulates the production of bile juice, accelerating the work of the entire digestive system;

- The antimicrobial properties hidden in artichoke leaves make it an ideal option as a means of prevention against unpleasant diseases of important organs, primarily the liver.

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