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Ideas for a Healthy Kids' Breakfast

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Nowadays, when nearly all of our food is chock full of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors and all sorts of other artificial additives, while meat is loaded with antibiotics and excessive amounts of salt, it's incredibly difficult to decide what to eat, let alone what our kids should eat.

It is particularly challenging to figure out what to make for breakfast for the kids since it needs to be the most nutritious meal of the day. That is why we're offering you several ideas for a genuine healthy breakfast for your precious kiddo:

1. Muesli with Milk

No matter if you're making it with milk or yoghurt, this type of breakfast ranks among the healthiest and most nutritious. However, it's important not to mistake muesli for cornflakes or other cereals which are actually filled with artificial colors and preservatives. Plus, it's important to choose muesli that contain fruits since they are an extra source of vitamins.


2. Porridge

Porridge is a wholesome and healthy kids' breakfast, especially when made with milk or tea instead of water. The type of tea needs to be appropriate for the kid's age, and the feta cheese added to the porridge needs to be unsalted. Don't use margarine, use only butter.

3. Toasted, grilled or oven-baked sandwich

In order for the sandwich to be healthy, choose quality ingredients to make it with. It's recommended to use white bread for younger kids but as they grow it's better to replace it with whole grain or brown bread; in fact it's best for it to be homemade. Forget about spreading margarine on the bread slices and use only fresh butter. Avoid sausages and pick out meats less likely to be brimming with preservatives, artificial colors and excessive amounts of salt. Choose ham, fillets, bacon. Jerky and other dried meats are also not recommended.


4. Pancakes

It's true that they require a little more time on the parents' part but are so healthy and beneficial for kids. In order for the pancakes to not be so high in calories, put the oil directly in the pancake batter and don't grease the saucepan every time you're putting in new pancakes to fry. Afterward, you can fill them with cheese, feta or a meat specialty. Again, the rule of choosing only quality products applies here as well.