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What Part of the Pig is Bacon Made From?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What Part of the Pig is Bacon Made From?

Very often bacon is confused with pork fat, but the two things are completely different. What meat is bacon made from and what exactly it is, we will tell in the following advice.

Which part of the pig is used to make bacon

Bacon is pork that has very little added salt, but can also be heavily salted and smoked.

It has a very thin layer of pork fat on it and it comes from young pigs that are raised precisely to be made into bacon.

Bacon is the product of pig belly. In most cases, however, it is confused with pork fat, which, in turn, is obtained from the back of the pig and is very different in appearance from bacon.

In addition to its appearance, bacon differs from pork fat in its composition and taste. Some types of bacon like British and Canadian bacon are made from the back of the pig, but it contains more meat and very little pork fat.

Bacon contains a lot of calories, it also satiates the body a lot. In most cases, bacon is used for breakfast, for making omelets and is an indispensable part of the English breakfast.

It can also be put on pizza or other dishes after it has undergone heat treatment.

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