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The Healthiest Part of the Cucumber is its Seeds

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The cucumber makes an excellent addition to brandy and rakia, is the perfect ally in the battle with excess weight and wrinkles. We now find ourselves in cucumber season and experts highly recommend for us to eat as much of this vegetable as possible. The main reason for them insisting that we do this is the excessive amount of micronutrients found in cucumbers.

Experts are categorical that this vegetable can easily substitute all those eye wrinkle creams, as well as any and all weight loss pills. The vegetable contains an exceptional amount of beneficial substances, the most valuable among them being water - it's well known that a cucumber contains over 90% of the vital liquid.

Cucumbers also contain loads of active enzymes. Vegetarians and raw food enthusiasts are generally fans of this vegetable. According to some experts, the juice of this vegetable has the ability to revitalize and heal the body but only if drunk regularly and for an extended time.

It's recommended to drink cucumber juice for a month - this will cleanse the liver of toxins and strengthen the nervous system. Additionally the liquid will speed up metabolism. It's important to use the juice of a dark green vegetable because they contain higher quantities of vitamin B. Also, never peel the rind.

A cucumber is most beneficial when picked after it has ripened and seeds have formed in it. Its seeds contain twice the number of minerals as those in the rind.

Experts claim that these are the healthiest cucumbers. An overripe cucumber usually costs a lot less than a crunchy and fresh one, as it were. But this shouldn't worry you because overripe cucumbers are ideal for making juice.

Cucumber juice

The low amount of calories in the vegetable (about 12 cal per half a serving) make the cucumber a superb product for losing weight. It is thought that if a person were to eat cucumbers for just 1 day, without having anything else in their menu, they would shed about 1 pound.

A cucumber can be eaten without any other supplements, plus it's an excellent source of fiber and is ideal for between meals. Just 7 oz (200 g) of cucumber provide 12% of the recommended daily value of fiber.

The silicon dioxide in the vegetable, on the other hand, is a key element for connective tissue. It's found primarily in the rind - currently, this element is being used more and more in cosmetic anti-wrinkle products. However, the problem is that when applied to skin it's difficult for it to permeate deep enough, so when taking it with food you'll ease this process.

Cucumber rind also contains potassium, magnesium and others. These minerals, along with the sodium, help to lower blood pressure. Cucumbers have caffeic and ascorbic acid - it's an excellent aid for people who retain water. Proper digestion and the easier absorption of proteins and fats can easily be achieved by consuming cucumbers.

Last but not least, the vegetable provides a lustrous shine to hair - make face masks with cucumber water - it's incredibly good for the scalp. Prepare it with a juicer; if you don't have one grate the vegetable on a grater and squeeze out the juice thoroughly.

Then apply well to your hair and rinse after 10 min. Cucumbers can also help with swelling, skin problems and others.