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Mouse Found in a McDonald's Coffee

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The world-famous fast food chain McDonald's has once again been harshly criticized. A restaurant of this type has earned the wrath of customers, this time because of a dead mouse, which a man found in his coffee cup, report the media.

Ron Morais, a Canadian man from Fredericton, goes to fast food chains quite often. The last time he went to a McDonald's however, he was unexpectedly given a bonus with his coffee. When he removed the lid of his cup, in order to finish his drink, the man came upon a dead mouse at the bottom.

After the unpleasant incident, restaurant employees immediately conducted a thorough investigation of the premises but were unable to find any traces of rodents. Investigators from the Canadian Department of Health also performed an inspection but also said they found nothing out of the ordinary.

McDonald's has still not apologized to the customer about the little surprise he received in his coffee. They intent to do so after they completely unravel the situation.


And even though company representatives are puzzled as to how the mouse ended up in his cup, history remembers other cases where there were also unexpected gifts found in fast food orders.

Not long ago, Greg and Stacey Terry also ended up extremely surprised after a visit to McDonald's. However, the couple had much greater luck than Ron Morais and instead of a rodent, they ended up with a large sum of money.

The family was given a bag containing thousands of dollars by one of the fast food employees, which was supposed to be sent to the bank. The error was made when the couple drove through a McDonald's to grab some breakfast, as they routinely do. Instead of hamburgers however, the paper bag they were given contained several thousand dollars, carefully packaged.

Most likely, anyone else in Greg and Stacy's place would have kept quiet about the incident. But, the couple turned out to be incredibly conscientious and immediately headed back to return the bag of money. In the meantime, restaurant employees had learned of their mistake and were doing their best to find the customer who had "taken off" with their earnings.