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Coffee Helps Against Obesity

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A recent study quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper reveals that drinking more coffee protects against obesity. The study was done by American scientists, who have examined the chemical composition found in the refreshing drink.

According to the experts, the chlorogenic acid can protect a person from the harmful consequences that obesity undoubtedly leads to. Scientists explain that this chemical compound is able to decrease insulin resistance and the accumulation of fat in the liver.

For their experiment, the experts used mice - the rodents were subjected to a special diet, which contained a high percentage of fat. The entire study lasted 15 weeks, with the experts injecting the rodents twice a week with chlorogenic acid.

The end results revealed that this substance will not only help protect against weight gain but can also maintain normal blood sugar levels, plus it takes care of liver health. The study was carried out by scientists from the University of Georgia.

Past studies of the caffeinated drink have proven that it can lower the risk of chronic illnesses, such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular problems.


The new study allows us to discover the other benefits of coffee, and more specifically, the benefits of chlorogenic acid that is found in the beverage.

Besides in coffee, chlorogenic acid is found in apples and pears, blueberries, tomatoes and other fruits. This has also been confirmed by Dr. Yongjie Ma, the lead study author.

Despite the encouraging results, this substance cannot cure obesity, warn the experts from Georgia.

To best way to reduce the risk of obesity and associated health problems is to change unhealthy eating habits and to get regular exercise, say experts.

Besides our health, coffee can also contribute to a good outer appearance - the antioxidants contained in it improve the appearance of hair and skin.