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Nutmeg against diarrhea

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Frequent cause of indigestion is an incorrect diet. Sometimes, a sensitive stomach happens after a long trip.

To deal with indigestion, have black pepper and nutmeg. Swallow six black pepper corns, then drink a cup of boiled water.

For children no more than two grains are needed. No need to chew. This method is very convenient and fast, does not require cooking products, it is indispensable when traveling.

Nutmeg has a strong effect on an upset stomach. It is a very strong spice, so we must use no more than one nut per day, for adults.

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To assist, nutmeg should be eaten in shredded form. Use the finest setting and between eating sessions, drink boiled water.

For children consumption of nutmeg is not recommended at all, as it is for people with an unstable nervous system - the spice in large amounts can cause nervous disorders and even hallucinations.

For indigestion, one banana is useful to eat. Cut it into slices and eat thoroughly sprinkled with grated nutmeg.

If an upset stomach occurs is due to a nervous breakdown, a decoction of mint, chamomile and calendula helps. In summer, you can add leaves of wild strawberry.

You should drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration of the body. Emphasize green tea and boiled water and for at least one day, do not eat any food.