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Nutmeg - which dishes to add it to

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Nutmeg is an evergreen plant and can reach a length of about 14 to 15 meters. When fresh, the fruit is fleshy. Once ripe, the inside splits, just like hazelnut. The plant can be seen in India, Brazil, and in Indonesia. It’s used a lot in cooking sweet and savory dishes.

Nutmeg has a special flavor - slightly pungent, while it is also bittersweet. It’s used as a spice, but has medicinal properties - facilitates digestion, has antiseptic properties, reduces headaches, helps impaired memory and is very useful in weakened defenses.

For treatment, it can be taken as a potion to do inhalation. There is a certain dose that should not be exceeded because the herb can be poisonous if over used. Nutmeg is a natural drug - overdose may cause nausea and hallucinations, so use it in moderation.

Which food is best to add nutmeg to?

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If you want to add it to savory dishes, most are suitable for the occasion - dishes that contain rice, those with minced meat, vegetable soups, white and tomato sauces, meat broths, etc.

Nutmeg is also suitable for dishes with fish, poultry, game and beef, very suited to the taste of cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, onions, mushrooms, potatoes and spinach.

If you prepare a dessert, it is most appropriate to use nutmeg in the following cases - if you prepare compote of pear, apple pie, ice cream, fruit cake. To drink, the particular flavor of the spice fits most with cocoa, punch, hot lemon juice, tomato and vegetable juice.

Spices, which are very suitable to combine with the flavor of nutmeg are pepper, bay leaf and parsley. To use nutmeg, it must be very finely grated. Place a small amount - the tip of a knife, in the dish.