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How to clean Teflon dishes

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Cleaning Teflon pans

To wash Teflon dishes, you need a little more preparation because it is very easy to scratch the pan and then, it can no longer be used. You know that once damaged, Teflon coating will not fulfill its purpose, and it is bad for you to use a damaged cooking pan.

It is clear that when cooking in a Teflon dish, you should only use wooden utensils - all others are strictly forbidden. When you want to clean it, remove the food residues and grease, with paper towels then a soak well and wash with water, a sponge and washing liquid. No need for any additional processing.

Do not trust advertising which shows the pans being wiped with a piece of paper and then they say "It's ready for later use". Put some of the dish washing liquid and remove any food residue- all other proposals (rinsing with water, wiping with a tissue and storiong in the cupboard) are just unhygienic.

It's debatable whether you should wash these utensils in the dishwasher - according to some, no, but others say yes, but then- they are not clean enough. To avoid this problem, it is best not to auto wash them – rather wash by hand, that way you will be assured that its coating will not spoil.

Another thing you can use on Teflon pans are degreasers.

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The truth is that the fat from the pan is quite difficult to take off and they sometimes fail to be removed completely, which makes the dish seem uncomfortable and dirty. To avoid this problem, buy a degreaser, spray and wash as directed on package.

If your Teflon pans are blackened (this happens after long use), put them in vinegar and water in a 2:1 ratio. After 15 minutes, discard the dirt and rub the dish with a piece of lemon. If you want to clean the outer part, you can afford to use abrasives.

Many manufacturers recommend that before first use of Teflon dishes, you smear a very thin layer of oil on them. Usually this advice is on the label, so always read the directions for use on the containers, when you buy them. Last but not least - do not be fooled by the low prices of some producers - in this case, the high price and the established brand in the market are a guarantee of quality.



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