How To Clean Fish?

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Cleaning fish

Fish can be cleaned in several different ways. The most important thing is to wash the fish with clean tap water before you start cleaning it. So remove the dirt and fish mucus.

While holding the fish with one hand, remove the scales with the other, if they are large. The scales are cleaned with the help of a sharp knife, which is held at an angle so that the scales do not go everywhere.

Carefully cut the tail fin. Cut the back fin. Cut against the scales, while holding the edge of the fins so that the fish does not slip out of your hands.

Cut the stomach open. To do this, pierce the skin right under the head with the tip of a knife and make a long cut close to the tail. Remove all the viscera and remove the white skin that runs along the spine of the fish. There is a lot of blood under it that needs to be removed.

fish in a plate

Cut off the head of the fish. Cut the abdomen fins. Wash the fish again under cold tap water to remove the remaining scales, blood and mucus.

Cut the fish into pieces according to your preferences or bake it whole. Before baking or frying, sprinkle it with fish spices, cover it with a plate and leave it for two hours in the refrigerator to absorb the spice.

You will easily clean the fish if, after washing it, you rub it with coarse salt. This way it will not slip out of your hands. To clean the scales, you can use a basin filled up with cold water. Your hands should be under water so that scales do not go all over the kitchen.

You can clean the fish by putting it in a large plastic bag and cleaning it in it.

When removing the fish guts, you must be careful not to burst the bile, as bitter liquid will be spill and the fish will have a bitter taste.

If you need the fish fillet, after cleaning it, cut it in half along the spine so that ribs remain on one part of the fish and ribs and backbone on the other. Remove the fish bones and cut the fillet. Wash it with cold water.

Since your fish is ready, you can prepare baked fish, breaded fish, fried fish or fish in sauce.



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