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How to Make Smoke Fish at Home

Looking for how to make smoke fish at home? Check out our 12 ideas for how to make smoke fish at home on Bonapeti
How to Make LimoncelloHow to Make LimoncelloThen pour the lemon juice and leave the liquid to boil for another 5 minutes, then leave it to cool....
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Note: I doubled the Ciabatta ingredients to make exactly two wonderfully baked loaves....
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I don't add milk to the mashed potatoes, just more butter....
How to Smoke Fish at HomeHow to Smoke Fish at Home
In this way you will get a delicious smoked fish. Here is a wonderful recipe for smoked mackerel....
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Tahini is a dish of Arabic origin, similar to popara or porridge. The method of making tahini can be likened to that of Italian pasta, since...
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Wine vinegar is needed to prepare various dishes and salads. The vinegar you prepare at home is more healthy and tasty. It is more fragrant and...
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Wait 15 min. for it to effervesce. Sift the flour, make a well in it, add the salt, sugar, vinegar, oil and 1 1/5 cups (300 ml) milk....
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It is best to use a double grill with a handle in which you can pinch the fish to make flipping easier....
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Leave for at least 8 hours for them to release their juice....


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