How to Clean Shrimp

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Shrimp are floating decapod crustaceans. The variety of their species inhabits both salt and fresh water.

Seafood and such delicacies are an useful and healthy food in every season, but are mostly consumed in the summer.

Shrimp are a popular culinary delicacy and are bred on special farms for its needs. From a dietary point of view, they are rich in protein, calcium and zinc, as well as cholesterol.

Cleaned shrimp

When we decide to prepare shrimp, they have to be cleaned from their shells. Before doing so, soak the shrimp in cold water, preferably with ice.

Shrimp should be kept chilled while working with them. If you have frozen shrimp, defrost them in cold water - never in the microwave or oven.

Here's how to clean both raw and boiled shrimp for salads and dishes.

The process of cleaning the shrimp begins with removing the head. This is done by holding the body with one hand and the shrimp's head with the other.

Make slight movements up and down, by slightly pulling it from the body.

The head is very easy to separate. The legs and scales are then removed. Usually the last shell to which the tail is attached to is left.

That way the shrimp can be held with your fingers when consumed - for your convenience.

The mucosal vein in the "spine" is removed. For this purpose, a slight incision is made along it.

The vein is usually brownish-black, but can also be transparent or yellow-green. Even if it is not visible, as it may be transparent, you can find it easily with the tip of a knife and easily pull it out.

The shrimp are well washed and are ready to be cook. There are many recipes that include shrimp. They can be eaten boiled, baked, pan-fried, grilled, as an appetizer or even as a dish. They are also suitable for salads.

Shrimp dish

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