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Mesquite Flour - Benefits and Uses

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mesquite flour

Mesquite flour is obtained from the Mesquite tree. It grows in the deserts of Mexico and the US. It is also called the "Tree of Life".

Flour from Mesquite is a powder obtained by grinding the seeds and pods of the plant. It has a sweet taste and gentle flavor. It is suitable for seasoning all kinds of foods, for sweetening and for making sweet beverages and fermented alcohol. Mesquite products have been well-known to the native inhabitants for centuries, who used it as a main source of food.

Mesquite flour takes its place among the superfoods. Aside from the unique taste, it possesses high nutritional value. It contains substances such as lysine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, dietary fiber and proteins.

One of the main functions of mesquite flour is the correct balancing of blood sugar. The sugars it contains are in the form of fructose. It does not need insulin for metabolism. This makes this type of flour a superb alternative for diabetics.


Consuming it helps in maintaining a consistent blood sugar level for an extended period of time. The high levels of lysine in it make it a valuable ingredient in foods in which lysine levels are low.

25% of mesquite flour is in fact natural fiber. Since they are absorbed slower than other grain products, they prevent the abrupt rise and fall of blood sugar levels. In this way, stress on the body is reduced, while the pancreas gradually normalizes its function.

Mesquite flour can be used as a flavorful sweetener for various sweets, on its own or in combination with other types of grain flours. It can be used to prepare different kinds of raw crackers, pies, biscuits, bread.

Mesquite flour is the perfect addition to tea, coffee and other drinks. It also goes well with nuts and cereals, yoghurt and milk, energy drinks and fruit/nut jams for spreading.

It is usually added to vegetable dishes, salads, sauces and soups. It also serves as decoration for different desserts and cream soups - simply sprinkle it lightly on top.