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How to Cook Pork Trotters

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Pork trotters

Pig's trotters can be made in several ways, the most widely known and famous, being khash. Khash is in essence a soup, which also turns out great with pig ears and pig tails, besides pork trotters. But even if you only use trotters, it will have the same taste. What's key for it is to serve it very hot. And here is the recipe for pork trotters khash:

Pork trotters khash:

Ingredients: 2 pork trotters, black pepper, salt, rice/vermicelli, vinegar, garlic.

Preparation: Wash the pork trotters very thoroughly, then place them in a pot with cold water and let them boil very well. Once boiled nicely, add black pepper (peppercorns are best) and salt to taste to the same broth.

Pig trotters

Debone the trotters and put them back in the broth. You can add a little rice or vermicelli - to thicken the soup. If you like, add 1 bay leaf along with the spices.

Serve the khash while still very hot in a bowl. If desired, add something spicy or a sauce, made from diced garlic cloves and vinegar. The exact amount of garlic and vinegar depends on the tastes of those who will be eating it.

Another option is to make pork trotters with beans - it is also extremely delicious and unlike the khash, this recipe doesn't feel nearly as fatty and heavy, but is still quite nutritious. And here's what you need to make it:

Beans with pork trotters

Beans with pork trotters:

Ingredients: 1 onion head, 2 carrots, 2 cups of beans, pork trotters, salt, spearmint, oil and black pepper.

Preparation: Parboil the beans until they soften. Do the same with the meat in another container - soften it lightly, without boiling, because there will be further heat treatment. Pour the beans into a large clay pot, then add the onion, carrots and spices. Drain the trotters from the broth and throw them in to the beans.

You must pour the broth, in which the pig trotters were boiled, over the entire dish, but first, strain it very well. If you feel that the liquid is not enough, add water. Close the clay pot and cook in a moderate oven for at least 2 hours and 30 min.



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