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How to Make Pork Rinds

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Pork Rinds

Pork rinds are incredibly scrumptious, made from the fresh fat right under the skin, as well as from the inner fat of the pig, well cleaned of any meat and washed thoroughly.

Cut the fat into pieces, put them into a suitably sized pot, pour them over with cold water and leave in the cold for one day.

Change the water twice during that period. Place the raw fat in a large strainer, to strain away all of the water. You can dry the fat with a towel.

Not a single drop of water must have contact with the melting fat. Chop thus prepared fat very finely and put it in a non-enameled pot.

Leave it to heat on a low stove, the fat must not actually fry. Keep constantly stirring the pieces of fat so they don't stick to the bottom and don't fry.

The grease released from the pork rinds needs to be poured out periodically, strained through a gauze into another container. The pork rinds must not burn, because the grease released from them will become very dark, while the taste of the rinds will be reminiscent of soap.

After all the grease you need is released, leave it to cool so the little pieces settle on the bottom. Pass it through a sieve with 2 layers of gauze.

Pour the grease into jars. Once cooled, it should be snow white in color and you can then use it for various household purposes.

Salt the set apart pork rids lightly, pour them into a glass jar or enameled container, pressing down on each layer with a wooden spoon so that more of them fit in it.

It's best to store the pork rinds in the refrigerator; they can be added to grilled polenta, as a stuffing for salty scones, plus they make a wonderful dough for fritters if added to it.



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