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Instead of Coffee in the Morning

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Even though the thought of waking up without a cup of coffee sounds impossible for many folks, the truth is that there are other ways we can use to wake our body up for the new day. Having too much of the caffeinated drink can cause increased heart rate, nervousness, increased blood pressure.

Many people drink at least 1 coffee in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. If you've decided to put an end to your coffee drinking, we're offering you a few ideas for waking your body.

Your morning coffee drink can be replaced with a cup of cocoa, for example.

According to the latest research, the flavonoids found in cocoa beverages actually have a very positive effect on waking up the body and on mood. Further, cocoa is a great addition to breakfast.

If this option isn't much to your liking, try to substitute your caffeinated drink with fresh air. Experts believe that we need just 5 min. of fresh air at the balcony or in the garden.


If we inhale and exhale correctly, this will provide us with the amount of oxygen necessary for a good day's start. As a complement to clean air, the calming sounds of nature will improve our mood even more.

Physical exercises are a no less effective method for waking up. Stretching alone improves blood circulation, and if we also add in a few exercises, we will wake quickly and without our usual dose of morning coffee. If you desire better and quicker results, choose more intense workouts.

A cup of mint tea and mint aroma in general, in the morning, also leads to good day's start. According to research, the scent of mint helps the brain wake up and relaxes the body when it's subject to some type of stress.

Mint tea is especially effective after a hearty breakfast - if you drink a cup of this herb, you will feel lighter. Other alternatives are tea made from ginseng, green tea.

If you want to try something new, drink a glass of hot lemonade - for it you will need 1 lemon, honey and hot, but not boiling, water. Squeeze out the lemon juice, add the sweetener and pour in the hot water.