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Eight Substitutes for your Morning Coffee

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Rooibos Tea

Instead of the usual morning coffee, you can tone your body in a different way, that's no less effective. There are 8 drinks that can substitute coffee and wake you up sufficiently. A lot of people use them instead of coffee.

One of these tonic drinks is rooibos tea, which has become quite popular lately. The rooibos plant grows in South Africa and is especially healthy because besides toning the body it protects against numerous ailments, among which are insomnia, immune system problems and certain allergies.

Another popular tonic drink is kombucha, or tea mushroom as it's known throughout Russia and Asia. It's a special type of mushroom used to make black tea. The kombucha mushroom is bitter but also extremely healthy - not only does it freshen you up in the morning, it also protects against many types of bacteria.

Rye coffee is a superb alternative to real coffee. It's brewed in a Turkish coffee pot, or "cezve", and has a taste similar to actual coffee. Besides the taste, rye coffee has the same properties as real coffee, as it fuels the body with energy. It has another valuable property - it helps remove toxins from the body.

A cup of cocoa in the morning will charge you with energy and normalize your blood pressure. Besides this, cocoa also raises serotonin levels in the body, which will automatically enhance your mood right at the start of your day.

Ginger Tea

Einkorn juice, another healthy alternative, has also been gaining popularity recently. It is superb, with a taste reminiscent of nuts, as well as toning the body no less effectively than coffee. Drinking 1 cup of einkorn juice early in the morning will lead you feeling fully capable of working the entire day.

Wheat juice is another highly popular one for those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Aside from helping you wake up, wheat juice loads the body with many healthy vitamins and amino acids which are required for a healthy immune system.

A beverage made with ginger can charge your body with energy as well and enable you to work long hours. To make a ginger drink, boil a piece of the root of this plant and consume with a sweetener of your choice. A ginger beverage tones the body and helps against headaches as well.

Instead of coffee you can make yourself dandelion coffee, which has been very popular lately worldwide. Usually it's combined with chicory coffee, to create a more delicious drink. The combination of chicory and dandelions is an excellent pick-me-up in the morning.