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10 Facts about Eggs you May Not Know

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1. The largest chicken egg had 5 yolks. The heaviest recorded egg in the world was 16 oz (454 g) - about 6 times heavier than the average egg.

2. Hens lay between 250-300 eggs per year. Between 24 and 26 hours are needed to lay one egg. Normally, 30 min. after that, a new egg begins to form.

3. In order to make an unbreakable egg, place it in a cup of vinegar. After it has stayed 2-3 days in the acetic acid, the acid will have dissolved the calcium in the shell. Once the process is complete, the egg will not break even if it falls from high up.

Easter eggs

4. You would need 5 quail eggs to get the same amount of nutrients found in an average chicken egg.

5. The largest omelette in the world was made by Carlos Fernandez in Madrid. He prepared the omelette from 5000 eggs, which weighed 1321 lb (599 kilograms).

6. If your egg accidentally falls on the carpet, sprinkle the area generously with salt to clean it easier.

7. The surface of an average egg contains about 17 000 small pores. Through them, eggs absorb all kinds of smells. If you store your eggs in a carton, they will remain fresh longer.

Quail eggs

8. In Chinese culture, eggs are a symbol of life. To announce the birth of a child, a Chinese family paints eggs red, the color of happiness. It is believed that they bring luck to the newborn.

9. Compared to chicken eggs, duck eggs are larger, contain more fat and are more delicious.

10. A diet of 1 egg per day will not increase cholesterol in the blood.