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10 Curious Facts About Chocolate

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1. In reality, chocolate, as we know it today, is not quite real. It is proper for chocolate to be bitter, with a maximum amount of cocoa. Despite this, today chocolate sweets are made to be way too sweet, the natural oils are substituted with artificial flavors. Because of them, the taste becomes sweeter. Outraged, renowned chocolate makers in Switzerland founded an association to fight for pure chocolate.

2. Chocolate was not always consumed in solid form. For many centuries, cocoa was only used to make hot drinks. The Indians, who first began using cocoa fruits in food, collected them from the ground and mixed them with hot water. They also added chili. Some time ago, archaeologists discovered that the aborigines of Central America produced chocolate beer.

3. Chocolate improves mood. Tryptophan, the substance found in it, helps to produce endorphins, the hormones of happiness. It is even believed that chocolate can treat depression. But this is debatable, since some studies show that people who often consume chocolate have a greater tendency toward nervous disorders.


4. Chocolate is a cough remedy and does an even better job than specialized drugs. Further, chocolate, unlike pills, has no side effects.

5. Chocolate helps against toxicosis during pregnancy. In addition, chocolate reduces the risk of complications during and after birth because it relaxes the muscles and fortifies blood vessels. New fathers can also calm their nerves better with chocolate than with the traditional use of alcohol.

6. Chocolate prevents deadly diseases because it contains natural antioxidants - catechins, that also slow the process of aging in the body. The flavonoids and phenols found in chocolate prevent heart attack and stroke.

Dark Chocolate

7. Chocolate does not ruin your body shape. Unless it contains added milk, sugar, nuts, raisins. Dark chocolate is dietary. There even exists a chocolate diet. It includes 3.5 oz (100 g) bitter chocolate with a cup of black coffee per day, which speeds up metabolism, plus water or tea. The diet guarantees 9 lb (4 kg) of weight loss per week.

8. Chocolate is also actively used in cosmetics. Beauty salons often offer chocolate treatments. It was once believed that chocolate caused acne on the face or rashes, but scientists have proven that this is not so. Moreover, chocolate is rich in magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, which regulate cellular metabolism and strengthen the bones.

9. Chocolate is a potent aphrodisiac. The famous courtesan Madame de Pompadour was positive that the flame of passion could only be ignited by a hot chocolate drink. A study has also proven that chocolate causes kisses to be 4 times more fiery and passionate.

10. People spend up to $7 billion on chocolate annually. The consumption of chocolate significantly increases at the end of fall. The average annual consumption of chocolate per person is 12 lb (5.5 kg).