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Curious Facts about Burgers

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Only one who has never in their entire life tried a real freshly made burger would not understand the pleasure that this not very healthy food provides for the senses and palate.

That burger bun with a crunchy outside, fresh lettuce leaf, aromatic cheese and all kinds of other products is now so famous around the world that May 28 has been recognized as International Burger Day for several years now.

Here are a few other curious facts about the tasty but unhealthy food that you should never eat too much of:

1. The largest burger in the world was made in the city of Carlton, Minnesota in September of 2012. It weighed nearly a ton and had a diameter of 10 ft (3 m). To make it they used 50.5 lb (23 kg) of lettuce and 57.5 lb (26 kg) of bacon.

2. Believe it or not, in the US they eat 50 billion burgers annually.

Big Burger

3. McDonald's restaurants sell 75 burgers every second to their customers.

4. Vegetarian burgers are neither healthy nor beneficial in any way. As you may know, they are made from soy, which is processed with hexane. Hexane is a toxic chemical, a byproduct of refined gasoline and an air pollutant.

5. The fattiest burger in the world bears the fine-sounding name the Quadruple Bypass Burger. It's served at the Heart Attack Grill fast food joint and has a mind-staggering 9982 calories.

6. The Fleur Burger is one of the most expensive in the world. It costs $5000 and includes the burger with foie gras, Kobe beef and black truffles.


7. According to statistics, 60% of all sandwiches sold worldwide are burgers.

8. The world record for eating a 9 lb (4 kg) cheeseburger, the "Big Daddy", is held by a woman. Her name is Sonya Thomas and she managed to beat the challenge in 27 min.

As it turns out, burgers are a topic of interest not only to big eaters but to serious scientists too. According to Charles Michel, a flavor researcher from the University of Oxford, the perfect burger is 2 3/4″ (7 cm) tall and consists of exactly 9 layers.

Further, to get the maximum pleasure from eating it, it must not be served to you in a plate and you mustn't use utensils when eating it.

The scientist defines the eating of a burger as a multisensory activity because barely 15% of the pleasure we experience from consuming it is due to its taste.

Another 30% are owed to its aroma, 25% to simply touching it and another 15% each to the sound of swallowing and the appearance of the burger.