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The Most Popular Soft Cheeses in the World

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The Most Popular Soft Cheeses in the World

Cheese is the most popular dairy food worldwide. In its long existence, it has undergone a number of changes and as a result we have cheeses with different consistencies. A serious place among them is occupied by soft cheeses. They are of different densities and each one is original.

The noble white mold is a classic. This makes this gourmet dish versatile. Here are the best soft cheeses that gourmets consume.


How soft the brie cheese will be and what texture it will have depends on the maturation time. The shorter it is, the softer the cheese. Brie is among the classics of white mold cheeses.


This popular soft cheese is very similar to Brie, but its fleshy part is softer - It melts well, so it is used in recipes, in which it is fried. It has a rather dark color compared to other soft cheeses and those who like the taste of mushrooms will be fascinated by this cheese.

The Most Popular Soft Cheeses in the World


Not only the inside, but also the outside of this cheese are very pleasant. It matures relatively long and therefore has a different texture. It has a very subtle taste and is great for breakfast.


Burrata literally melts in your mouth. It is mozzarella that is formed into a bag and filled with cream. The cheese is then wrapped in the leaves of the asphodel herb. Through them, it is easy to recognize whether the cheese is fresh.


A cheese as soft as this can be defined as a food with a creamy texture. The taste is also original - mushroom or nutty.

The Most Popular Soft Cheeses in the World


It is made from sheep's milk and goes well with rye bread. This is gourmet exotic cheese.


This blue soft cheese is distinguished by its sweet taste. It makes a great tandem with pears and other fruit. It is used in desserts.

Bayern Blue

This cheese also has a very soft texture. It is thick, slightly sour in taste and with a yellowish tint.


Ricotta cheese is made from sheep, cow or buffalo milk. It also has a sweet taste, so it is used in desserts.


The Most Popular Soft Cheeses in the World

Feta cheese is salty and is added to salads or used as an appetizer. Slightly sour and crumbly, this Greek cheese is infused with herbs.


Mozzarella is such a popular cheese that it comes in many varieties. Soft mozzarella is a common ingredient in pizza recipes, pasta and other cheese dishes.