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Culinary Traditions in New Zealand

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If you ever get to travel to New Zealand, you'll become convinced that the country has one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Drawing inspiration from European, Polynesian and Asian cuisine, it will astonish you with its rich palette of fresh fish and abundance of seafood. Lobster, squid, oysters, snails and unbelievable goodies with pork, lamb and deer meat are just some of the delights awaiting you.

In New Zealand cuisine you'll be able to find specialties from countries all around the world. But the most are borrowed from the Philippines and Thailand. However, their breakfast is typically English - bacon, ham and eggs. You also can't go without fish with French fries. Everyone's favorite on the island nation is baked goods. Pies and other doughy temptations are served throughout the day. The origins of the majority of New Zealand citizens are far away in Europe and therefore tea is venerated just like it is in Great Britain.

English Breakfast

Even though New Zealand is a hub of traditions from around the world, there is one dish that is thought to come from the local Maori tribe. It is not so unique in the products used, which can vary, so much as the method of preparation.

A deep pit is dug in the ground. Stones are placed in it and then a fire is lit on them. The fire heats up the stones, on which the food is then placed, wrapped in aluminum foil. Soil is used to cover the top and it is left as is for several hours.

Afterwards, when taken out, it is ready for consumption. The products most frequently used are lamb and potatoes (a special sweet variety called Kumara).

The national dish of New Zealand is similar to a stew. In it they put meat, potatoes, green beans and any other vegetables we may find in the fridge. There are also 2 local meat delicacies that you can't try anywhere else in the world except in this far-off region - kangaroo and emu meat.

Lamb Chops

As a whole, New Zealand is one of the leading producers of meat and dairy products in the world, so lamb, veal and pork are at the basis of almost all local dishes.

We recommend trying out New Zealand cuisine with recipes such as lamb chops, lamb skewers with pomegranate glaze, mussels with white wine or roasted pork with flavorful spices.