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The Unhealthy Foods in Our Daily Lives

Iliana AngelovaIliana Angelova
Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
The Unhealthy Foods in Our Daily Lives

Unhealthy food is all around us. Very often it is the main dose of calories we eat per day. In the dynamic workday, a calm and complete diet rich in vitamins, which helps the body fight various infections, is difficult to achieve. In the hectic daily life there is not much time left for regular eating and that's why fast food places have become very popular.

The enslavement of harmful eating habits requires a thorough understanding and a set of knowledge for proper nutrition, including the question of what are harmful foods. In the following article you can see which are the harmful foods, which are consumed daily:

White refined sugar

We don't even think about it when we start the day with a cup of coffee sweetened with sugar. Consumption of foods with white sugar is growing - chocolate, wafers, candy, cakes. They are accompanied by diabetes, caries, arthritis, nervous diseases. Children are the most common victims of refined white sugar.

White flour

With the new technologies in the production of bread and pastry products, our bread has very little in common with the one, which was produced in our country a long time ago. Then the shell and embryo of the grains were not separated from the grain, where the healthy ingredients are - vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, cellulose. The taste is now improved, but at the expense of health benefits.


Salt is unnecessary for the body. In plants, it is found in moderate quantities, which we consume and we do not need to add more. The damage is expressed in cardiovascular, kidney diseases, obesity and others. Herbs and spices can replace added salt.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are actually a big bubble of gas in the body. They also contain a significant dose of preservatives and added sugar. They are a major cause of gastrointestinal diseases.

Carbonated Drinks Are Unhealthy

Energy drinks are a significant number among this harmful source of pleasure. Sugar and caffeine in them are in significant quantities. We can rightly call them a chemical cocktail.


It is made from hydrogenated vegetable fats, which are risky for the heart.


Easy to prepare and especially sweet, cereals are a favorite for children. However, they contain significant amounts of sugar and preservatives. The presence of vitamins and zinc in them for children who mainly consume them are not healthy, because they exceed the required daily doses.


The tempting taste of chips hides the fats, calories and preservatives well, which are in excess amounts in it. From trans fats, cholesterol jumps sharply.

Fat-free foods

The non-fat products targeted by food producers have actually replaced fats with sugar, sweeteners and corn syrup. In fact, it is not fats that are the enemy of health, but their overuse.

Foods, declared healthy

One dangerous food , which we often don't realize is the one that has been declared healthy. Fruit yogurts, packaged oatmeal, natural juices in boxes, bottled mineral water and much more.

Fruit yogurts actually contain many harmful ingredients, including a lot of refined sugar and harmful sweeteners. Oatmeal contains a coloring additive that contains the compound 4-methylimidazole. This is a potential carcinogen. Phytic acid in oatmeal washes away calcium and a number of useful minerals from the body.

Fruit juices contain too much fructose and sweeteners and lack fiber. Entering the blood in pure form, fructose is very harmful.

Bottled water contains a chemical called bisphenol from the plastic in the bottles. It is carcinogenic and leads to metabolic imbalance. Water in glass bottles is protected from this problem.

Red Meat

According to nutritionists, frequent consumption of red meat leads to rheumatoid arthritis. Daily consumption doubles the risk of diseases. Collagen is said to be the cause of the diseases. Oversaturation with iron leads to tissue damage.

Red Meat is Unhealthy

Ready-made sauces

Ketchup, mayonnaise and various types of sauces offer the body an invasion of calories. They are a mix of chemicals, fats and carbohydrates. Increased use of such flavoring supplements is a serious threat to cancer, despite their enchanting taste.

Dangerous food combinations in everyday food

Everyone knows that there are foods, which should not be combined. Some of them lead to heaviness in the stomach, others to eating disorders and others are harmful to health. Therefore, a balanced diet involves avoiding combinations of foods that harm us.

First of all, we must comply with the stipulation that each person has a unique genetics and metabolism and therefore not all foods are eaten and metabolized equally in everyone. That is why modern nutrition requires the vision of a personal diet. The established rules and norms of nutrition do not contradict this concept and therefore the rules of nutrition of adults, infants or young children are fully valid.

Recommended or forbidden tandems in food come from Ayurveda, macrobiotics, blood type nutrition, separate diets, Tibetan medicine and more. They have empirically reached conclusions about which foods, which should not be consumed together.

Bad food combinations include those between proteins and carbohydrates in the separate nutrition. Dairy and meat products combined with bread, potatoes, rice or pasta are not recommended. However, there are differences between protein foods such as dairy products with eggs, meat or legumes with nuts. This prevents us from determining which school is closest to the truth.

According to Tibetan medicine, lactic acid and fruit juices should not be mixed. Ayurveda denies the combination of milk with other foods. Foods and combinations of them affect each organism differently, because they are arranged differently and therefore there is no universal recommendation.

Harmful combinations of foods and drugs

This issue is also seriously on the agenda. Especially after the death of a patient who was taking blood thinners with grapefruit juice. Grapefruit inhibits liver enzymes and disrupts drug metabolism.

Red wine and smoked foods can raise blood pressure when taken with MAO inhibitors. Foods high in fiber slow down the action of paracetamol and phytin interferes with calcium absorption. Alcohol interferes with the metabolic processes of all drugs, especially those for the nervous system.

When garlic is combined with paracetamol, the ingredients in garlic suppress the enzymes that break down the preparation at high temperatures, so this combination is also not good. The question of combining medicines with food is also not as well clarified as that of drug interactions.

Healthy substitutes for all harmful foods are the alternative without which we cannot ensure our health. These are mainly foods of natural origin - seasonal fruit and vegetables, light meat and fish and most importantly unprocessed food that is cooked at home.

This food always contains only ingredients selected by the one who will consume it. Creating a balanced menu is not difficult and begins with the selection of seasonal products and ends with their preparation at home and this is a guarantee that unhealthy foods in our daily lives won't be present.