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The Western Diet Shortens our Lives!

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The modern way of eating is simply shortening our lifespan. Our eating habits make our life shorter than normal.

A new study proves the unhealthy effects of the fatty foods, sugar and meat we eat every single day. Everything, of course, depends on how they are processed but in general they are not particularly recommended if we feel like living longer.

In the study, British scientists used the data of another study held in the time period from the years 1986 to 2009. The eating habits of 5000 individuals were recorded in it. They were mostly federal employees, 3775 of which were men and 1225 of which were women. The average age of the participants was about 51.

Within the scope of the research, scientists were searching for confirmation of the effect of healthy eating. Based on hospital data, the results of disease testing, as well as statistical information, analyzers have managed to calculate the mortality rates and chronic diseases of the participants.

The 2nd stage of the research consisted of scientists seeking current data on every single individual and their health. It turned out that only 4% of participants experienced so called "healthy aging". This means that they were physically healthy, did not suffer from any chronic diseases and had good physical and psychological indicators.

About 3/4 of participants fell into the group of those aging normally. 12% had survived a cardiovascular incident, while about 3% were deceased due to a heart disease. The more they adhered to the Western way of dieting, with refined cereals, red meat, fried and sweet foods, the less likely they were to age healthily.

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Scientists add that here we're talking about people who actually did eat healthy at the beginning of their life but as a result of changes later on they adopted the Western diet.

This means that for younger people, who start off with chips and chocolate, the risk will be even greater. They are going to be susceptible to numerous diseases and even earlier death if they don't change their unhealthy eating habits on time.