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Peach Diet: Minus 8 Kilograms in 2 Weeks

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Peach Nectar

The Benefits of Peaches

Aromatic peaches help preserve the youth and beauty of the skin because they contain a lot of vitamin A, which helps cell regeneration.

Peaches consist of 90% water. They are low in calories - 100 g of peaches contain only 40 kcal and a glass of peach juice contains 60 kcal. Their refreshing effect is huge and they are irreplaceable in the summer heat. It can be said that our body burns more calories to absorb them than the peaches themselves contain.

In addition to water, peaches are also rich in iron, potassium and vitamin A, PP, C, as well as important antioxidants. If we eat 1 ripe peach, we will get 285 mg of potassium, which is extremely necessary for the metabolism, muscle contractions and it strengthens the nervous system.

Peaches are very beneficial for people suffering from anemia and various stomach diseases. Peaches help to remove excess fluid from the body and reduce swelling. They gently cleanse the body, have a diuretic and mild laxative effect and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, with peaches you can really lose weight.


The peach diet can help you lose 7-8 kg for the first 2 weeks, so it is especially suitable for overweight people. The next 2 weeks are needed for building up the food intake and making sure the result are solid.

After intensive use of peaches, the skin becomes soft, smooth and velvety. That improves the blood circulation, cell regeneration and the oxygen supply in tissues.

Rules of the peach diet

Lose weight with peaches

You can eat an unlimited amount of peaches and only eat them, but for a day or two to unload. If a longer diet is followed, the menu should not be composed solely of them. Sweet fruits do not contain proteins that are vital for our body. Therefore, eggs, white cheese, yellow cheese, cottage cheese should be present in the menu, but they should be less salty. Naturally, all sauces and sugar are excluded and the use of salt is limited as much as possible. In addition, although peaches are juicy, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.


The peach diet can last a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of a month. In the four-day diet, the menu is simple and there are 2 options that alternate.

On the first day, eat 2-4 peaches for breakfast and dinner, and for lunch 200 g of cottage cheese and a glass of peach juice.

On the second day, you have protein for breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and you need to drink a peach juice. At lunch, eat 4 peaches, 50 g of white cheese and a small piece of rye bread. For dinner - 2-4 peaches.