Moon Diet

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Moon diet

The Moon Diet will get rid of three kilograms in just six days. The average daily calorie intake is 760 calories. This diet is intermittent. It lasts for six days, but must be repeated at each full moon.

The idea of ​​the moon diet is to starve in the periods when the body most effectively reacts to the reduction of calories in the menu. This happens on a full moon and less often during a new moon.

The diet begins three days before the full moon and continues for three days after it. The full moon is the fourth day of the diet.

On the first day of the diet, only raw or steamed vegetables are consumed. The use of vinegar, salt and olive oil is not allowed, only vegetables without spices are consumed.

Weight loss

During the second day of the diet, only fresh pineapples are consumed, nothing else. There is no limit to the amount of pineapples, but without sugar they are not as tasty in large quantities.

On the third day of the moon diet, only boiled field mushrooms and other types of mushrooms of choice are consumed.

On the fourth day, any food is forbidden. Only freshly squeezed juices from fruit and vegetables may be consumed. Drinking banana nectar is not allowed. You can drink unlimited amounts of water and green tea.

During the fifth day, only pineapples are consumed again, but fresh and without limit in quantity. During the sixth day, only boiled mushrooms are consumed.

During the moon diet the body is cleansed from toxins due to the unlimited consumption of liquids and the normalization of the water-salt exchange.

The advantage of the moon diet, is that the metabolism is normalized along with the loss of extra pounds. The diet is highly effective and at the same time very short.

The disadvantages of the moon diet lie in the fact, that it must be repeated at every full moon. In addition, it inflicts a serious blow on the body due to the insufficient variety of products, so it should not be followed for more than six days.



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