Prostatitis Diet

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Prostatitis Diet

For the treatment of absolutely any disease, not only medication is important, but also the way of life, in which the main role falls on nutrition. The products and the way they are prepared are an important element of the treatment of prostatitis in men.

What is prostatitis and how does food affect the maintenance and treatment of this problem affecting more than half of the male population worldwide as they age?

Definition of the disease prostatitis and symptoms of the disease

Prostate adenoma is a benign formation that develops in men, in which the prostate gland becomes inflamed, pathologically increases in size, disrupting the usual flow of urine. Over time, an unpleasant pressure on the urinary canal occurs. The contraction of the prostatic part of the urethra leads to disorders in urination. It is believed that prostatitis is an abnormality that appears over time as a result of the changes caused by the work of the gland.

The diagnosis of the disease is established on the basis of the patient's complaints, the history of the development of the disease, the data of the rectal examination. Further examinations are carried out with the help of apparatus.

The treating specialist approaches the choice of method for treatment of prostatitis individually for each patient. In the presence of weak signs of urination disorders, medical treatment with effective preparations is carried out. If the symptoms of the disease progress, various non-invasive procedures are used. In the presence of a large formation, surgeons offer the patient surgical removal of the gland.

There are acute and chronic manifestations of the disease, which can be controlled not only with drugs, but also with diet. A properly selected prostatitis diet has an essential role in the healing process.

Dietary requirements for prostatitis


Food for prostatitis in men is chosen according to many factors. The important ones are:

- The nature of the disease;

- The form and stage, as well as the peculiarities of its individual course;

- The state of other organs and systems in the body.

In each specific case, the nature of the diet is determined by the attending physician and nutritionist. Since one of the factors that provoke the development of adenoma is excess weight, nutritionists recommend a balanced diet rich in vitamins, trace elements and fiber. To reduce the volume of glandular tissue, more products containing polyunsaturated acids, zinc and selenium should be used.

Medicinal nutrition for prostatitis should satisfy all the energy needs of the body. With an insufficient amount of proteins, vegetable fats and carbohydrates in the body, as a result of improper nutrition, exhaustion occurs, which leads to disruption of the function of every internal organ, including the prostate.

The daily amount of calories should be between 2500-2800. Proteins should be up to 100 g, without exceeding 85-90 g. Carbohydrates are recommended to be up to 350-400 g per day, and fats - up to 70 grams and the majority of them should be of plant origin. Fluids should be up to 1.5 liters per day.

The main requirements can be summarized in the following way:

- The diet for prostatitis should be plant-based;

- The menu should consist mainly of fruit and vegetables;

- The diet should be low in harmful fats and high in fiber;

- The simple sugars included in it need maximum limitation.

Prohibited foods for prostatitis

Prostatitis Diet

There are harmful foods and drinks for the prostate, the use of which should be minimized or completely excluded from the diet, because their effect on the prostate is unfavorable and sometimes even very harmful.

Here are the foods that should be excluded from the prostatitis diet:

- Very sharf, spicy and salty foods - they are excreted in the urine and this leads to irritation of the prostate mucosa and stimulate inflammatory processes in it;

- Pastries should be kept to a minimum;

- The offal of animal origin must be eliminated, these are the kidneys, liver, lung, heart, brain of animals;

- The intake of some leguminous crops should be reduced to a minimum - refers to beans and lentils;

- Fatty meats - increased consumption of fats of animal origin increases the risk of intensification of the symptoms of prostatitis, due to the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessels, which disrupts the blood circulation of the prostate;

- Fizzy drinks should be reduced as much as possible - they also irritate the mucous membrane and are excreted in the urine;

- Alcohol is a serious factor because its complete restriction is rarely given to men. For this reason, it is recommended not to drink more than 100 g of strong drinks such as hard liqueur and 200 g of wine per day, for example natural, preferably red wine or 500 milliliters of beer. Alcoholic beverages of unknown quality may increase the risk of inflammation due to the additives in them.

Healthy foods for prostatitis

Healthy Food

Particular attention should be paid to the recommended ingredients, which are an integral part of rapid recovery. First of all, it is onions and garlic that have pronounced antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Such food ingredients, even mustard or horseradish, can be safely added to any dish, making it the most valuable for prostatitis. The products that must be included in the diet for men with prostatitis are:

- Cereal crops;

- Low-fat soups;

- Oils of vegetable origin;

- Yogurt drinks;

- Non-fat varieties of fish, seafood, especially shrimp;

- Chicken and rabbit meat;

- Pumpkin seeds and nuts;

- Vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, beetroot;

- Fruit, but not sweetened;

- Small portions of honey;

- Bran;

- Dried fruit.

Sample menu for prostatitis


Following a diet for prostatitis, one should eat properly, and the therapeutic diet should be varied, nutritious and healthy. This is not a heavy diet that causes boredom, tension and depression, but an opportunity to try favorite dishes and not give up meat products at all. With a proper diet and good hydration, these health problems can disappear.

Here is an example of a daily diet that does not irritate an inflamed prostate:

1. Breakfast - porridge with milk, sandwich with rye bread and butter, green tea. You can also prepare a portion of low-fat cheese and low-calorie yogurt, unsweetened fresh fruit;

2. Lunch - vegetable broth, a portion of boiled chicken, tomato juice, herbs. An alternative suggestion is to prepare a portion of fish with potatoes, but it is necessary to limit the use of potatoes, the fish should be stewed and the drink should be berry juice or ayran;

3. During dinner with prostatitis, it is better for a person to choose fish, chicken or rabbit meat, with a side dish of steamed vegetables. Herbal broths or green tea are suitable drinks for meals.

A rationally chosen diet for prostatitis is a suitable addition to any treatment approach. The fact is that some food products, especially those acting as allergens, can provoke inflammatory reactions that can worsen prostatitis or make it difficult to treat. Sticking to a well-chosen diet in this disease can significantly improve the results of treatment, especially in the chronic form of prostatitis.



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