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Why is my dough tough?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Why is my dough tough?

As we know, kneading dough is a process in which flour and water are mixed until gluten is developed. If you overdo it with any of the products, the dough may become tough.

One of the reasons for the dough to become tough may be the higher amount of yeast or you may not have followed the amount of yeast and flour needed.

If you add more flour and less yeast while kneading, the dough may become tough as well. It is important to respect the proportions between the products and the recipe you use. When kneading the dough, add a little water. This will make the dough softer.

You must observe the required rising time. If your dough becomes tough, you can add an egg in it and knead it again, this way you will get a soft and elastic dough.

As we said, the dough may have become tough, because you put more flour in it than you should. So do not add as much flour as you like and just follow the recipe. You should not add a lot of flour at once while kneading. Add a little at a time, because otherwise it will become tough.

When you decide to make yeast dough, you should know that it must have risen well and the products you put in it must be warm and the yeast must have activated beforehand.

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