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Suitable seasoning for pizza

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Basil is one of the most used spices for pizza. Some types of basil offer a flavor like the scent of cloves and the aroma of nutmeg.

Chopped fresh basil leaves are used to prepare the pizza, add to pasta sauces and pasta. You can use dried basil, but pizza is most delicious with fresh basil.

Majoram is also a very used spice, when it comes to pizza. Ancient Romans used it to prepare many dishes.

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Majoram improves digestion and calms the nerves, it has a very intense aroma. Majoram is one of the spices used in Italian cuisine.

It is used very carefully, as overdoing it can spoil the taste of the pizza and make it tarty and not too pleasant. It is suitable for pizza with meat and pizza with fish and seafood.

Oregano is used to make many types of pizza - vegetable, meat and fish. It is suitable for pizza and seafood. It is better to use it fresh, but the use of dry oregano is allowed.

Black pepper is one of the spices used in the preparation of pizzas. Black pepper improves digestion.

Plain and curly parsley is used in the preparation of pizzas. They are used for sprinkling the finished pizza. Dried parsley will not have the deep flavor of the fresh spice.

If you must use dried parsley, add it to the sauce for the pizza. It blends well with both red sauce based on tomato and mayonnaise- based white sauce.

Dried spices in the preparation of the pizza are best to add to the dough, and fresh herbs are sprinkled on it when ready for baking, or after - on the freshly baked pizza.