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Suitable Seasonings for Sea Bream

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Suitable Seasonings for Sea Bream

Baked fish is a superb dish suitable for any type of meal and for any occasion. This applies with great force to sea bream, which carries the light aroma of the sea and the Mediterranean whiff of olive oil. Among fresh sea fish, predatory fish are more popular because they are tastier, and sea bream is not coincidentally the most popular among them.

This fish is characterized by white and juicy meat, and the cooking possibilities are numerous, because the smell of fish is not very strong. In the homeland of the fish - Greece, it is most often served smeared with olive oil and grilled. It has a unique taste when it acquires a roasted crust thanks to the sea salt.

In addition to its wonderful taste, sea bream is healthy and suitable for a balanced diet. According to research done on sea bream, it contains many beneficial nutrients. There are 105 calories in 100 grams of fresh sea bream. The wealth of omega-3 fatty acids makes it an ideal choice for the famous Mediterranean diet.

However, every food needs spices, because they are what bring a pinch of uniqueness to the dish, make it recognizable and unique in terms of taste and aroma. How to season sea bream?

Sea Bream Dish

Fish creates a good tandem with many spices, but each of them is characteristic of a certain fish dish.

Among seasonings for sea bream, black pepper stands out, which is suitable for any type of cooking of this seafood. Lovage and celery are the next spices that we can add to the list of universal for a fish dish, and oregano is characteristic of the entire Mediterranean cuisine, and accordingly also for fish.

Thyme and coriander are also good, especially in breading fish, including sea bream. Capers are another option for enriching and seasoning the sea bream.

In general, it tolerates many spices because it is devoid of a strong and heavy smell. According to culinary experts, sea bream requires lemon and black pepper, as well as sea salt, which are traditional for any fish. It combines very well with the typical Mediterranean food - rosemary, basil, garlic and bay leaf.

Sea Bream with Capers

With the help of these spices, favorite sea bream recipes such as roasted sea bream, fried sea bream, grilled sea bream and many others are prepared.