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Spices Suitable for Fish

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We have dug around in thick culinary books to address the question of which spices best complement the flavor of fish.

It turns out that beyond the traditional salt, black pepper, white pepper, dill and parsley, other suitable fish flavorings are also: basil, tarragon, bay leaf, cloves, melissa, oregano, rosemary, thyme. Among the most appropriate spices are coriander, mustard seeds and lovage as well.

Basil is such a great addition to white fish. Fresh basil is especially fragrant, cooks use it in the preparation of butter paste. This requires 2 tsp of the plant, mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon, mustard - 1 tsp, butter - 1 tbsp. The paste is applied to the marinated fish fillets before baking. As is well known, basil combines in a unique way with tomatoes and tomato sauce, which are great ideas for garnish. Basil is also used in fried fish.

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Another common condiment for fish is dried tarragon. Today, it is very widely used in the fabulous French cuisine. For flavoring fish and seafood, we use a small amount of the spice. It is one of the key components of many white sauces, including Bearnaise sauce.


Cloves are a spice suitable for fish soup. Melissa gives a delicate aroma of lemon to fish dishes. Oregano is recommended for flavoring dishes with tuna. Rosemary is combined with a nice delicate salmon. It is a typical Mediterranean spice.

Fragrant crushed thyme is the perfect complement to both sauces for fish and fish crumbing.

The Indian spice coriander also falls in the list of spices suitable for fish. The sweet, reminiscent of orange flavored seeds impart a unique exotic taste to fish and vegetables. The spice is often used in Arab, Asian and southern European cuisine.

The main ingredient of mustard, mustard seeds are another perfect alternative for flavoring fish. The spicy flavoring is added to marinades for fish.