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Suitable Spices for Mackerel

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Mackerel with spices

Fish is an extremely healthy food that should be present regularly at the table and not only on certain holidays. In our country fish is not consumed regularly, but the one we most often prepare is mackerel.

This fish is characterized by a sharp and strong aroma, it is very oily, but it is also low-calorie, which makes it suitable for dietary nutrition. Like any fish, mackerel does not tolerate a combination of all kinds of vegetables and to turn it into an amazing dish, the easiest and finest way is to season it well.

What are the most suitable spices for mackerel?

The pungent taste of mackerel, which is not well tolerated by everyone, can be alleviated if cooked in combination with sour spices such as lemon and tomato juice. Their high acidity harmonizes with the strong taste of the fish. All citrus fruit are suitable for the same reason. However, mackerel spices are also selected according to the way the fish will be prepared.

Spices suitable for fried mackerel

Fried mackerel with green spices

- ground black pepper, white pepper, paprika, allspice are spices that give sharpness to the taste, which combines well with the natural taste of mackerel, when the spices are used sparingly;

- grated ginger or nutmeg give a sharp taste to the fish, by preserving the aroma of the sea fish - mackerel;

- oregano and thyme are the right flavors for mackerel, so that the fish can have a more spicy flavor;

- lemon balm - this spice is not much used, but is suitable for those who want to add a pinch of freshness to the rich taste of the fish.

Spices suitable for stewed mackerel

Stewed mackerel absorbs the juices and aromas of the vegetables with which it is cooked. The spices, which are good to be present are:

- allspice, with which mackerel enhances its rich aroma, is not lost among the scents of various vegetables or sauce in the dish;

- bay leaf is a spice that is used carefully, added at the end of cooking and only serves to enhance the aroma of iodine, which is characteristic of all sea fish;

- mustard is among the favorite strong spices with which mackerel aquires a sour-sweet taste;

- ginger and nutmeg are added, when the idea is to make the taste of mackerel more spicy and strong;

- garlic is an indispensable spice for any fish, especially stewed fish. Its burning taste does not get in the way of the main aromas.

Cooked mackerel

Spices suitable for boiled mackerel

Most often, this fish is boiled in fish soups, along with other sea fish. Many chefs advise not to add spices when boiling, in order to allow the different types of fish to release their flavors into the broth. However, several spices can be added:

- onions and parsley are recommended because they prevent mackerel from becoming dry, even if overcooked. They saturate the liquid with their juices;

- bay leaf and ground black pepper are also an option, as the fish broth becomes more fragrant and tasty;

- cloves may be added, but small amounts, because they add a pinch of spiciness to the dish.

Spices suitable for roasted mackerel

Cooking mackerel by roasting allows the fish to retain its natural taste and useful nutrients. Light and fresh spices are a good idea:

- lemon juice and onion are the classics in this type of heat treatment for mackerel;

- rosemary is used because of its ability to enrich the aroma of the fish;

- basil and dill are also classic spices for any fish, including mackerel;

- ground bay leaf, allspice and celery - the spices enhance the taste of mackerel and add sharpness to its taste.

Spices suitable for smoked mackerel

Cooking mackerel by smoking it with aromatic smoke does not require additional seasoning. A little salt is enough to make the cooked fish ready to eat, but spice lovers can include black peppercorns, bay leaf and cloves in their efforts to add an unique taste to the dish.

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