Which ingredients you should choose for cooking, so the meals retain the beneficial properties that are needed for optimal health and a well- functioning immune system? Find a list of cooking ingredients , their origins and use. Learn which product is useful for what and which recipes it is used in.
Ginger Essential OilGinger Essential Oil
19 May
Ginger extract has antiseptic properties, disinfects small wounds, but can also be used for eczema and other minor imperfections. Ginger Essential Oil - Uses and Benefits.
Anise Essential OilAnise Essential Oil
10 May
Since ancient times, anise has been used to season and flavor many foods and beverages. It is used in the production of alcoholic beverages. Anise essential oil - properties and composition.
03 May
Wakame is a seafood and is one of the three most popular seaweed foods in Japanese cuisine: Wakame, Nori and Kombu. Wakame benefits for the body. Harm and contraindications from Wakame. Wakame for weight loss
Orange Essential OilOrange Essential Oil
03 May
There is no person who does not like the fresh, sunny and summer energy scent of the orange. Orange essential oil - benefits and method of application:
01 May
Starch is starch grains that are extracted from the tissues of potatoes or cereals. Starch is found in the form of starch cream in stores. Starch is contained the most in potatoes and
Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout
01 May
Cooking rainbow trout. Description of rainbow trout. Description of rainbow trout meat. Benefits and culinary advantages of rainbow trout. Nutritional value of rainbow trout meat
Black Trumpet MushroomBlack Trumpet Mushroom
29 Apr.
Black tumpet mushroom (Craterellus cornucopioides) is a type of edible basidiomycete from the Cantharellaceae family. It is also known by another interesting name - trumpet of the dead.
31 Mar.
Broccoli is a tree-like plant, which is extremely healthy. Broccoli originates from Italy. Composition of broccoli.
30 Mar.
Celery has a long history of use, initially as a medicine and later as a food. Celery contains coumarins that prevent free radical damage.
Orange LentilsOrange Lentils
30 Mar.
The most important application of orange lentils is in cooking. But keep in mind that orange lentils have many advantages - they cook quickly, they are very tasty, and they are also quite healthy.