Which ingredients you should choose for cooking, so the meals retain the beneficial properties that are needed for optimal health and a well- functioning immune system? Find a list of cooking ingredients , their origins and use. Learn which product is useful for what and which recipes it is used in.
Infant FormulaInfant Formula
17 Sept.
Composition and production of formula milk. Types of formula milk. Use of formula milk - rules and guidelines. Advice on switching to cow's formula milk for a newborn.
The Most Popular Types of PastaThe Most Popular Types of Pasta
06 Sept.
Probably everyone knows that the name pasta includes various types of pasta, widely used in Italy. However, you will be surprised how great the variety of these pastas is.
Sunflower FlourSunflower Flour
29 Aug.
The place of sunflower flour among other types of flour. Production and chemical composition of sunflower flour. Useful properties of sunflower flour. What to prepare with sunflower flour?
Parasol MushroomParasol Mushroom
06 July
Parasol mushroom /Macrolepiota procera/ is a type of basidiomycete that originates from the genus Macrolepiota. Parasol mushroom is a mushroom with an amazing taste. The parasol mushroom is a giant among mushrooms.
02 June
Sorbitol is a food additive classified as a stabilizer. We find sorbitol in many confectionery and food products offered in store chains.
Jalapeño Peppers - Benefits and FactsJalapeño Peppers - Benefits and Facts
27 May
There are all kinds of scales for measuring quantities in all areas of life. Spicy Jalapeño Peppers - Benefits and Facts.
22 May
Tapioca is a name that is not well known in some countries because it is an exotic culture native to South America. Tapioca - description, application and health benefits.
Ginger Essential OilGinger Essential Oil
19 May
Ginger extract has antiseptic properties, disinfects small wounds, but can also be used for eczema and other minor imperfections. Ginger Essential Oil - Uses and Benefits.
Anise Essential OilAnise Essential Oil
10 May
Since ancient times, anise has been used to season and flavor many foods and beverages. It is used in the production of alcoholic beverages. Anise essential oil - properties and composition.
03 May
Wakame is a seafood and is one of the three most popular seaweed foods in Japanese cuisine: Wakame, Nori and Kombu. Wakame benefits for the body. Harm and contraindications from Wakame. Wakame for weight loss