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Four Unbelievable Stuffings for Baked Apples

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Stuffed Apples

Medical professionals have proclaimed the most popular fruit as also being the healthiest - the apple! It contains antioxidants which lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, controls bad cholesterol, acts as a prophylactic against brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

1 apple contains just 70 calories! To substitute some of your favorite high calorie desserts, take advantage of the ideas offered below and prepare some truly irresistible desserts and appetizers, that are just as delicious as they are healthy.

They are very easy to make. All you need to do is carve out an apple, fill it with proposed stuffing, place it in a buttered tray and bake at 360°F (180 °C) for about 20 min.

Dried apricots and hazelnut stuffing

3 dried apricots, 2 tsp rum, 2 tbsp hazelnuts, 1 tsp poppy seeds;

Cut the apricots and hazelnuts finely, mix them with the poppy seeds and stuff the apple. After baking, sprinkle it with a little rum. You can use maple syrup for a non-alcoholic alternative.

Stuffing with walnuts and blue cheese

1 branch thyme, 0.5 oz blue cheese, 2 tbsp walnuts, 1 tbsp sour cream;

Break the walnuts into small pieces and bake them in a covered pan without oil. Mix them with the crumbled blue cheese and stuff the apple. Once the apple is baked, pour on a tbsp of sour cream and sprinkle with thyme leaves.

Stuffing with bacon, fresh cheese and almonds

Apple Filling

1 thin slice of bacon, 1 tbsp almonds, 1 branch rosemary, 2.5 oz fresh goat cheese;

Bake the nuts in a saucepan, cut the rosemary finely. Mix them with the cheese and stuff the apple. Sprinkle with the chopped bacon that's been fried in its own fat. Bake.

Stuffing with coconut sprinkles and lime

1 tsp coconut sprinkles, 1 lime, 1 egg, 1 tsp brown sugar;

Beat the egg with the sugar and several drops of the lime juice. Mix with the coconut sprinkles. Stuff the apple and bake. Upon serving, sprinkle with grated lime rind.